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  1. Mach 1 fender extensions for the PP2

    For us PP2 owners who choose not to step up to a Mach 1 I wonder if the wheel opening extensions on the handling package will be available through Ford parts. Looks like it will solve the rock chip problems.
  2. Steeda K Brace for a GT How do you like it?

    I do see a small front brace, don't see it doing much. The Steeda looks more impressive but is it needed?
  3. Steeda K Brace for a GT How do you like it?

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I put my PP2 on my rack and I don't see the under chassis k brace
  4. Steeda K Brace for a GT How do you like it?

    Thinking about adding a Steeda lower K brace to the PP2. Any reviews?
  5. Whine in performance pack 2 rear end

    How you can hear a rear end wine over the tire noise is beyond me. My Boss 302 had a wine out of the 3.73's My PP2 seems quieter but i cant hear it over the tires.
  6. Front license plate bracket mounting

    Thanks for the picks.
  7. Front license plate bracket mounting

    Thanks for the reply's and info. I went with one of Craig's Custom Mounts. I'm curious how it's going to attach to the bumper of my '19 since there isn't a whole lot of underside to the front bumper.
  8. Front license plate bracket mounting

    Living in Kali I don't need to be stopped for not having the front plate mounted. Anyone know the size hole to drill for the plastic rivets that mount the plate holder to the front bumper?
  9. PP2 + Angeles Crest Hwy = Self Induced Nausea/motion sickness

    Who said we knew what we were doing?
  10. PP2 + Angeles Crest Hwy = Self Induced Nausea/motion sickness

    Hey Big Dick, Anytime you want to run the crest or Big T lemme know.
  11. PP2 Registry

    I've put close to 3000 miles on mine since I got it on 4/20, haven't seen another in So Cal. The PP1 guys just stare at it.
  12. Billet drain plug

    Anybody have problems with this thing? Did my first oil change, could not get the metal tabs on the billet plug to engage the plastic oil pan and lock into place. The plastic one locks in fine. I want to use the new plug but I don't trust it not locking in. Seems the metal tabs aren't think...
  13. How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    I'm 62 and driving a PP2
  14. Bought a new 2019 PP2!

    Came out of a '13 Boss into a PP2. Thought I would miss the Boss but after 1300 miles I'm not looking back. I love this thing.
  15. GT PP2 vs Bullitt

    PP2 Amazing handling and a better looking car. I did the Bullitt thing in 2001, drove that car into the ground. I just think the theme is a bit long on the tooth now.
  16. PP2 Registry

    Geezus that's fast I waited seven months
  17. PP2 Registry

    That's what I initially proposed a database registry.
  18. PP2 Registry

    I really hope we have something unique here.
  19. PP2 Registry

    I think we are going to discover we have a pretty rare car, despite what the Bullitt guys think. Not that many people want to pony up $8500.00 to go around corners. Hands down this is the best looking S550 yet.
  20. PP2 Registry

    All the more reason we need to stick together.