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  1. 15-17 to 18+ air intake

    Boring pictures of my NA engine bay to confirm my previous post.
  2. 15-17 to 18+ air intake

    I have an 18 CAI and Intake Manifold installed on my 16 and it fits perfectly.
  3. Illinois FS: Circle D 6R80 245mm 3C Converter

    There is a guy who put a down payment on it. I was supposed to have an appointment at the Shop last week to get my new converter installed and the old one out. The owner was sick and had to reschedule. It should be coming out sometime this week.
  4. Illinois FS: Circle D 6R80 245mm 3C Converter

    Bump. Open to any reasonable offers.
  5. Illinois FS: Circle D 6R80 245mm 3C Converter

    For sale is a used 6R80 245mm 3C converter with about 7-8K miles on it. Only selling because I am switching to a 258mm converter. Everything works perfectly, no issues. Perfect for a street/strip application, either NA or Centrifugally boosted. Only used on the street. Asking $850 shipped. Let...
  6. Anyone Order Roush SC on 2021?

    For one it has super high IAT's. The newer calibration is supposed to help with that, but it's still going to be limited by the intercooler and heat exchanger in the kit. 2nd the design of the casing limits the throttle body size, which on a PD blower you want as large of a throttle body as...
  7. Anyone Order Roush SC on 2021?

    The roush for the Gen 3 coyote is a turd. Lund won't even tune it, it's that bad. Literally any other blower is better. Unless you are concerned with keeping your warranty, go with another manufacturer.
  8. Pumps always on or one with boost?

    I run mine both full time, also with (2) wallbro 465 (F90000267) pumps. My car is not a daily though. I kinda agree with others logic to run one pump if your car is a daily and the other on a hobbs switch. Problem is some of the tuners want you to run 2 pumps full time to cover their ass.
  9. Dissapointing p1x numbers

    Definitely seems like the numbers are low, but like others were saying it could be the dyno. Mustang dynos especially are known for reading low. For comparison i made 800 whp on a dynocom dyno with a 4.25 pulley on E85 with a procharger D1SC (about 13.5-14 psi). I know not the same head unit but...
  10. Gen V stage 2 whipple vs P1sc stage 2 kit

    What is it you don't like about the procharger that is wanting you to change to whipple? My S197 is procharged with a D1SC making 800+ whp and it is for sure a handful on the street. I could not imagine trying to get traction with a PD blower like a VMP or Whipple that gives you all of the power...
  11. Carb Legal Procharger stage 2

    Taking out cats isn't a manufacturer specific thing. It all depends on how much HP you're making. Every power adder has the potential to take out the stock cats as the power increases. Tuning also plays an important part. If you are serious about keeping your motor alive you should go with a...
  12. Experience with FC2 on the street, also E85 Fore question

    Running 2 pumps full time is fine. That's how most have them setup including myself. Some tuners want it that way (2 all the time) so that there is no hobbs switch in the mix that could be wired incorrectly or fail or whatever and cause you to go lean at WOT. Storing the car for an extend...
  13. 6R80 Gearing 2015 GT

    Sticking with 850 or so whp for now (have not re-dynoed since i changed from a 4.25 to a 4.0 pulley). Thats about as much as i feel comfortable pushing my MMR 1000 short block. My current converter was fine before I had a built motor (made 740whp), but now the stall of the 3C is too loose to get...
  14. 6R80 Gearing 2015 GT

    Also just a FYI i have a 245mm 3C Circle D converter that will be for sale in a couple months. Stepping up to a 258mm 2C because of my power level. Converter only has 7-8k miles on it and only used on the street.
  15. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    The p1x is good for up to 900 or so whp on e85 or race fuel. If you are only gonna run 93 that will limit you to about 700-750 whp. IMO you should keep it under 700 if you want the motor to last on 93. All depends on what size pulley you are running. Guessing the whipple is just pullied for more...
  16. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    I would agree with switching to the procharger. Having the 10 speed you will always be in the powerband. Also no issues with high IAT's like with PD blowers. My 6r80 procharged S197 is making 800+ whp and even only with the 6 speed it is still an animal on the street.
  17. 6R80 Gearing 2015 GT

    Well if you're not planning on supercharging. you will probably be ok with 3.73 gears. especially since you have heavier 20" wheels. A tune will definitely wake the car up. Since you live in Arizona with the hot climate I would stay away from any open CAI's. The stock one will work fine or even...
  18. 6R80 Gearing 2015 GT

    Is your car supercharged or NA?