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  1. Oil smells like fuel - what to look for?

    Do you make a lot of short trips with the car or do you get it fully up to temp for significant time before shutting it off again?
  2. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    So based on this formula(and assuming you have 27.7" tires) you would only need to go 127mph with 4.56 gears to exceed 7,000rpm shaft RPM's which is higher than most shafts are rated(certainly the stock driveshaft). With a high quality driveshaft rated to 9,000rpm you can go 163mph with 4.56...
  3. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    Driveshafts can vibrate based on resonant frequencies from specific RPM's of the shaft itself. The shaft can be perfectly balanced and still cause a vibration at a specific RPM based on its length, shaft wall thickness, and construction(AL, steel, CF). So with lower(numerical) gears you may have...
  4. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    Again transmission gears are irrelevant. Only vehicle speed, tire height, and rear gear ratios matter. If you are racing your car, at whatever speeds you get your driveshaft will be spinning faster with the shorter gears.
  5. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    I'm assuming people aren't only going to drive 45mph though. If you intend to race the car your driveshaft will be spinning faster. Like I said earlier it may not be a problem but driveshaft safety loops exist for good reasons.
  6. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    The transmission ratio is not relevant so I'm not sure what your point is? At a given road speed the car with 4.56 gears will be spinning its driveshaft faster than a car with 3.73 gears. I'm trying to find a calculator so as to show the actual difference based on speed and tire height so that...
  7. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    Only in 1:1 trans gear ratio will the driveshaft match the engine RPM.
  8. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    It may not pose a real problem but it is always something to consider when you are spinning the driveshaft faster and faster. At some point you will hit the critical speed limit of the shaft and it will catastrophically fail. Most quality aftermarket shafts are rated to 9,000 shaft RPM which...
  9. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    You are wrong again. For a 3.73 gear ratio, for every rotation of the rear tires the driveshaft turns 3.73 times. For a 4.56 gear the driveshaft spins 4.56 times for every tire rotation. Engine and transmission is completely irrelevant. As long as the car is moving the driveshaft is spinning...
  10. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    The driveshaft is directly bolted to the rear differential. Your statement is 100% incorrect.
  11. Better low end TQ, X pipe or H pipe

    This. Makes no noticeable difference.
  12. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    Think how fast your driveshaft will be spinning. Any imbalance will be amplified.
  13. Any 18+ GT's dailying the 4.09 rear?

    The GT350 can rev 750rpm higher so that isn't an apples to apples comparison.
  14. 2018 Tuned EB PP vs. ATS-V

    With the variations in types of chassis dynos, calibrations, local air quality, local fuel availability, and even things like tire pressures and wear, getting wheel HP from a manufacturer will never happen.
  15. 2015 GT 5.0 AFR’s reading 28-29

    Do the O2 sensors have wiring harness extensions? If yes, replace them with quality ones(Kooks, ARH, any of the top header brands should be able to supply them). If not, replace the driver's side(bank 2) O2 sensor. An AFR of 20+ at idle is perfectly normal. Cruise would be around 15-16ish, WOT...
  16. Best Spark plugs and o2 sensors for e85?

    Where exactly are the cutouts installed? Perhaps an exhaust leak causing your issue?
  17. A silly reason to choose turbo over supercharger?

    Not sure if this is a misunderstanding but a turbo installation requires the replacement of the factory headers and cats.
  18. Search functions here are bad. Looking for info on 90 mm TB's

    More people are porting their intake manifolds than replacing their throttle bodies because it yields more noticeable gains.