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  1. Help removing alternator pulley for Whipple SC 10 rib

    The stock pulley is removed using the H17 like you’re using. A really good impact is your best friend as not all impacts are alike. Of the 10 rib installs I’ve done, using the impact while holding tension with the 6 rib belt around the pulley has always worked. The new 10 rib pulley will be held...
  2. Heated Steering wheel retrofit for 15-17 completed (Plus 18's and up)

    Grabbed power from a switched fuse in the passenger footwell fuse box.
  3. California FS: Fore Dual Pump Hat w/ or w/o Pumps

    I moved to a surge tank setup and no longer need to run this. It is being sold with or without the pumps based on buyer preference however priority will go to complete sale. Everything works 100% and I cut the wiring above the connection point for easy install or you can get a 4 wire harness...
  4. A few whipple questions

    Out of all the Whipple installs I’ve done, I always recommend the stage 2 specifically for the 132mm tb and larger injectors only for the reason that they have all upgraded after the fact to this level or beyond. Most, if not all, of us modifiers add more to what we thought is all we wanted...
  5. Help with 1050x ID on Whipple

    Remove the spacers like you say.
  6. Lund tune

    They did long ago and was near one of the last to get it. I use it only for transitioning fuels and never go into boost.
  7. 2015 Mustang Water Pump

    You didn’t ask a question and it seems you already diagnosed the problem. Replace the water pump. You’re not alone in failures of the water pump at this mileage.
  8. What does the lever behind the seat do?

    Mine allows either seat to fold forward and then pressing the seat back puts it in the same position it was before. If I use the lower handle, same result except when I push the seat back it stops at first position which of course nobody would want to sit like and I have to figure out where my...
  9. Transporting E85 in trunk safe?

    Lots of places I gather. I’ve had them so long I don’t remember but here is one source. Also I couldn’t get them shipped to me from Amazon being in CA 🙄.
  10. Transporting E85 in trunk safe?

    I have five 3 gallon VP jugs (they hold 4 gallons each easily) that I use to fill up and store at the house for top offs. I like this size as they can be stored in their upright position when transported and are easier to handle when filling the car with them. When driving the car on a longer...
  11. Forscan Changing rpm light?

    There is not. Best bet since you have my color with the 401a package is to make your gauges red and then you’ll never see it change red......because it’s already red.
  12. GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    It would have driven me crazy if I didn’t change my opg’s in my GT500 oil pump (installed Boundary Black OPG) when I did this mod but I know some feel comfortable not. My Kooks headers were close on the drivers side but ultimately of no concern. The only modification you’ll have to do is extend...
  13. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Finally........good luck buddy, you’ve made the turn.
  14. Check Engine Light Code Question

    I did a Google search on ‘p1450 mustang’ and quite a bit of info and YouTube videos came up pointing to the same thing. Give that a try.
  15. Whipple 10 rib set up boost vs 6 rib boost?

    Whipple doesn’t recommend going to the 10 rib unless you're going past 15 lbs of boost. For reference, I’m 900hp to the wheels on E85 and 3.25 pulley size with 6 rib and no belt slip seen on the dyno. I run road course and I’ll never get to peak power levels like you might in 1/4 mile. Some get...
  16. Heated Steering wheel retrofit for 15-17 completed (Plus 18's and up)

    If your car is a 2018 and up and has sync3 you are good to go on the FCIM. You will have to upgrade your SCCM to the version that has the electronic connection built in for the heated wheel. An SCCM without it still has the connector but is not wired up.
  17. 15 fore fuel system issue ?

    Well that’s good then. You do mean .028, yes?
  18. 15 fore fuel system issue ?

    What’s your spark plug gap? They may think you have spark blow out from too large a gap.
  19. 2016 Mustang Differential Oil Change

    You can use BG fluid from and get the kit that gives enough fluid, a pump and the modifier already mixed in.