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  1. Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    I ordered direct from MGW. Haven't checked pricing since, but cost direct from them was the same as other vendors and their customer service both before and after the sale couldn't be beat. That for me was worth ordering direct and what I would do the second time around as well.
  2. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    Nope. Totally against the rules! :crackup:
  3. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    I typically try to remain politically correct, but I could have sworn this was a Mustang enthusiast site... I get it if the budget doesn't allow as I too was without a Mustang for a while when the budget was tight and starting a family. But for those who hate their cars, I promise you there's...
  4. Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    And their customer service is awesome! George and his crew seem like good people. I wont buy another brand shifter as long as they are in business after how I was treated.
  5. Thinking about the MMD by FOOSE Rear Spoiler ..., MMD by Foose
  6. Need Advice to Install California Special Splitter on non-PP 2015 GT Vert

    No new hardware should be needed and, yes, it is an easy install. Maybe an hour or just over total taking your time. Here is one of the original threads about this install that might help you out...
  7. Puddle light fell out?! WTF?

    I've had this happen on both our 2015 and our 2017 (my 2015 is always garged and probably about the same mileage as yours when it happend). Like said, there is a small plastic tab that snaps in place when the light is installed. The fitment is very tight, and if you have ever installed one of...
  8. Custom Rear Seat Delete

    Thanks! I don't think that's bad for a custom design, all things considered. Enjoy!
  9. Custom Rear Seat Delete

    Do you mind me asking how long the process was from design to fabrication with CM?
  10. Custom Rear Seat Delete

    Nice. It's nice to have the ability to do a custom delete with them. May have to hit them up one day...
  11. 2016 Mustang GT Cradle/Alignment issue

    If you were able to get the sleeves in and everything bolted back up, your subframe itself is now where it needs to be, but you do have to get a new 4-wheel alignment. Now's the perfect time as well to make sure you know what camber and toe specs you want front and rear and make sure you find...
  12. Odds of a replacement transmission

    You might want to politely ask them to not flash the ECU while they have your car since your running a tune...
  13. will my 315/35/20's fit?

    20x10 with +35 up front and 20x11 with +52 on the rear
  14. will my 315/35/20's fit?

    275's will be fine on a 9.5" wheel, but 315's on a 10.5" will certainly have bulge, and likely wont handle as well. That tradeoff is only a call you can make. My 315's (Continental DWS06) on 11's are what I would call almost perfectly square (no stretch and no bulge).
  15. will my 315/35/20's fit?

    275/35 on 10's and 315/35's on 11's, stock suspension
  16. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    No. However, there have been too many complaints of this exact issue by both mustang and f150 owners for me to believe it's uncommon. Im not saying that it being common makes it ok...
  17. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    My 2018 F150 with the 5.0 also does this. Dealer checked some of their other trucks on the lot and advised they do the same. I don't think its damage per se...
  18. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    I need one of those Ford Racing banners! :thumbsup:
  19. MGW/Steeda/Burton/Boomba/Hurst Shifters

    I'm sure that MGW, Steeda and Barton are all good shifters. However, I have an MGW (standard race spec) and really couldn't be more pleased. Very much more of a direct feel, no slop, very precise shifts. Don't discount the importance of it being transmission mounted and moving in unison with...
  20. Found a problem need help

    OEM nut can't be too much and then you could use it to to determine the size and thread pitch you need for the upgraded hardware. Then you have a spare as a back up should something so unfortunate happen again.