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  1. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    It’s happened on two Mustangs I’ve had. Never happens until a few thousand miles into the car OR until winter comes. Ford needs to take responsibility and acknowledge this is not normal. But I know they never will and it’s discouraging. May honestly go with a Challenger next vehicle in the next...
  2. Android 8" PX6 unit

    So if I got the Tesla screen installed, they’d probably deny to fixing any potential electrical issues that could come up during my warranty period. I haven’t had any, but I think I know what you mean.
  3. Android 8" PX6 unit

    Stupid Question: Does anyone know if doing something like this voids the car warranty? I was looking at the bigger vertical Tesla screen, but don’t want any issues with my warranty. I’ve already gone through one Ford Buy Back and I’m kind of cautious at this point.
  4. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    Why does this happen thousands of miles later though? On both my 2018 and 2020, the noise didn’t occur until about 4000-5000 miles into driving in the vehicle.
  5. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    Guys, from my experience, replacing the cam phasers to new OEM ones won’t work. I had a Ford Buy Back on my 2018 Ford Mustang earlier this year. I had some persistent clicking noise when accelerating at certain RPMs. I ALSO had this noise coming from letting off the accelerator. It happened on...
  6. Dent/Scratch Front Bumper...Best Course of Action?

    Super bummed when I saw this on my car today. Don’t really know where it came from. You guys have any idea on the best course of action? I don’t know if insurance would really do anything. I’m thinking maybe I can take it to a shop and buff the paint out for the scratch/scrape part, but the...
  7. Locating Vehicle With FordPass?

    Fixed! The vehicle needed to be activated from the home mobile screen. Sorry guys, sometimes I don’t think right . Now it’s activated in the app and I see all the info you guys were showing me, including location services. Thank you everyone!
  8. Locating Vehicle With FordPass?

    AHHH, gotcha! That might be the fix. I’ll check it out when I head to work in a few.
  9. Locating Vehicle With FordPass?

    This is all I get when I click ‘Vehicle Details’ (updated the app to latest version yesterday). Perhaps they didn’t activate the modem as Bikeman315 suggested? I’m about to leave for work in a bit I’ll see if the remote start works. If the remote start works from the app does that mean the modem...
  10. Locating Vehicle With FordPass?

    I updated the app and still nothing. I followed the tutorials and I see no button to Locate Vehicle.
  11. Locating Vehicle With FordPass?

    I keep seeing tutorials online on how to locate a vehicle with FordPass. I don’t see the option in the app though. Was it removed? Or do you need the model with the SYNC touchscreen and GPS for it to work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. How to sell a new GT350

    Most of the information for my Buy Back was documented on Cobra’s Lemon Law Thread. You can look it up in my profile. Long story short: 2018 Mustang GT made knocking noises at low RPM’s starting at like 8000 miles or so (vehicle was purchased New in August 2019). Ford told me it was the timing...
  13. How to sell a new GT350

    If you’re hell bent on getting as much as possible back for the vehicle, then I agree with Cobra. Do the Ford Buyback (I just did mine and it took about two months). If it’s approved, I would go with the refund option and you’ll get all your money back (except for the mods). Then you can just...
  14. What's your current milage at?

    Had a ‘18 Base A10 that lasted roughly 8,000 miles. It continued running, but it had continuous issues (timing chain, sprockets, intake manifold). It was just bought back by Ford last week. I’m now in a ‘20 A10 PP1 with roughly 450 miles. Seeing all these high numbers gives me hope though.
  15. Selling car after driving it home?

    Maybe in 20 years I’ll get a GT500. Until then it’s going to be focusing on my house lol
  16. Engine Light - 8,000 Miles

    Outcome: Buyback was approved. I signed the surrender packet and drove off with my new vehicle. 2020 Mustang GT A10 PP1. Loving the new vehicle so far and I hope it stays this way. :like:
  17. Lemon Law Thread: How many have or are filing Lemon Law for their S550?

    UPDATE: DONE!!! :rockon: Signed the surrender packet and drove off with the new vehicle. I'm now just waiting for the check to be mailed to my old finance company, which will occur after Ford receives the packet from the dealership. They are sending it overnight so I'm hoping it will be soon...
  18. Selling car after driving it home?

    I think most people (at least I'm hoping most people lol) are aware that it's either 0% APR or the cash incentives. It's typically one or the other. My recent purchase was a buyback though. There were no deals or incentives allowed, just straight MSRP swap and I financed the amount from the...
  19. Selling car after driving it home?

    The funny thing is I thought "Dave Ramsey would hate me right now" as I signed the paperwork :giggle: lol. Yeah, the payment is affordable. I've never missed a car payment in my life so I'm not worrying about it. They let me do 60 months as well, so it was a solid deal. I didn't want to go for...
  20. Selling car after driving it home?

    I see where you both are coming from. Ice445, I'm kind of you with the daily driver situation. I use it as a daily and it's just more of a fun daily driver for me. I'm sure people find it silly too, but I've always wanted a GT and being that I'm 30 and have no children, I'm in a situation...