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  1. 1970 Boss vs. 2015 EB

    I couldn't make out the road course. If it was short and tight, my money's on the 2015. If it's longer- hard to say.
  2. 2015 5.0 on Fire literally

    I'd also like to add that subcontractors can absolutely be made liable for faulty parts. As a machinist a few years ago, I use to machine parts for a well-known company that builds airplanes (purposely being ambiguous) and right on their blueprints was the phrase "loss of life part." This was...
  3. 2015 5.0 on Fire literally

    "...if a part simply failed, it is not Ford's fault, the dealership's fault, or the owner's fault." What? Isn't Ford responsible for the parts it assembles into their cars? What about airbags? Are they liable at all if they don't go off when they are supposed to? There are about 20,000 separate...
  4. scumbags (dodge dealers, not ford)

    You may be wrong about that. I seem to remember another thread where someone ordered an LE (with a deposit) and either had it sold underneath them or the dealer tried to keep it to get more $$. I believe the person ended up getting their deposit back and just bought another from somewhere else...
  5. Stickers for HP.

    No stickers for me- they add too much weight!
  6. the ugliest s550

    A fool and his money will be soon parted.
  7. Any Top Gear watchers here?

    I think the show would have done much better with more substance. If their episodes would have been filled with more substantive things like Tanner and whatshisname (not Rutledge) racing a 458 and ZR1 I would have been much more interested in the show. Maybe I'm not in the majority, but I just...
  8. Go Ahead...Sit In It...

    Anybody care to estimate what the GT350 steering wheel would cost?
  9. 2015 V6 Top Speed

    I'm pretty sure that I read in a different post that the EB PP top speed was (141 ish?) and non-PP was less.
  10. First GT350R Mustangs spotted on the line

    Offer it and charge what the extra cost is. They will sell every single one they paint Liquid Blue.
  11. First GT350R Mustangs spotted on the line

    Wouldn't a spoiler of some sort have been attached to the car by this point of the assembly line?
  12. I recieved my first recall on the GT today....

    I'm confused....they ordered the panel that should have come with the car before you bought it and still sold it to you that way? When did you find out about the recall? I find it extremely difficult to expect you to do anything with the car you purchased. It's yours. Like others have said in...
  13. I recieved my first recall on the GT today....

    I was thinking the exact same thing....except for the potential rattling issue previously mentioned.
  14. NEW! Hellion twin turbo "quick spool" dyno graph

    New wallpaper- thank you!
  15. What is the S550?

    Let's just all agree to call it what it really is...a sex toy!
  16. Deal with the Devil

    I've heard this before, and to be honest, I think more rug rats running around the house would kill me far sooner than prostate cancer would! (Not to take prostate cancer likely- my dad had it).
  17. Compairing the 2015 EcoBoost to the 2010 GT

    Sure, HP and weight are very similar. But, with the weight saved going to a 4 cylinder, and putting that weight at the rear of the car with the IRS and the handling characteristics aren't even comparable. I haven't even mentioned braking ability. How about price? What was a fully loaded 2010 GT...
  18. Some professional pictures of my S550 sitting on Aristo Collection wheels

    Those professional shots, especially the ones taken at night, look like they belong in the next "Sin City" movie. Has that look to them. I like!
  19. Bakerjd's Build Thread - Project Honey Badger

    So with about 15% of reciprocating losses are we looking at about 500 HP at the flywheel?
  20. My 2015 Mustang vs 2015 Scatpack/w Video

    I think most of us Mustang lovers still appreciate your vehicle. Very nice!