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  1. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    P No problems at all.
  2. Colorado Procharged 2017 GT Premium PP

    Price drop. $35,000.
  3. Florida WTB 2015-2017 Ecoboost Performance package

    Buy mine Technically its an Ecoboost, it just has 8 cylinders instead of 4
  4. Colorado Procharged 2017 GT Premium PP

    Well, the time has come for me to sell my favorite car. I have a little one on the way, and the Mustang just doesn't makes sense anymore unfortunately. I bought this car brand new in November of 2017 with 86 miles on it. It now has 27,389 miles on the clock, with about 12,000 of that being...
  5. 2017 GT MT82 whine

    I've been running the Calimer cocktail for 20k miles with 800 HP, Its not the fluid. Bad shifts, dropping the hammer at high RPM, grinding gears, etc. OP said the were "really hard on it" then the noise started. Drive it around for a while, then drain the fluid and look for metal.
  6. 2017 GT MT82 whine

    It's really hit or miss with the MT-82. Some hold together with 700 hp, others grenade themselves on stock power levels. It's really more of a quality control issue than it is a fluid issue. That being said, they were never designed to handle 6,7,800 hp. If you're beating on it with 600 whp...
  7. Mustang vs GTI, Concerned with Handling

    And what is the cost for a EB PP with A10? At least 40k I would imagine. (talking brand new) Hell, I'll sell my 2017 GT PP right now for 40k, and its got 800 HP
  8. Where can i get this part ? Evap vac lines

    You mean that entire hose assembly? That image of the intake manifold looks like a GT350 Manifold. Also, I think that is for the swirl valve solenoids.
  9. Where to go from here for suspension

    Unless you are going to the track a lot, and are constantly trying to dial in the height and stiffness for different conditions or tracks, the extra cost of that adjustability isn't worth it. I've had coilovers on other cars, and once I got them set up the way I liked, I never messed with the...
  10. Where to go from here for suspension

    For the price, I really think the Ford Performance track handling kit can't be beat. The ride is way better than the PP suspension ever was, and the car is glued to the road. All the parts are high quality, the sway bars are adjustable, and will replace the bushings with bearings in the toe...
  11. Mustang vs GTI, Concerned with Handling

    I think if your stuck on a 4 banger, take a look at the Veloster N. It'll smoke the GTI or the EB Mustang, is functional, is available with an manual or Dual clutch trans, and the price is comparable. I don't think anyone would disagree on the Mustang looking better than any of them.
  12. Procharger Blips on Startup and Stalls

    If the only variable is that the car runs with the MAF unplugged, but doesn't when its plugged in and you were getting MAF codes, then perhaps you guys damaged the MAF sensor on install. I know that on mine, I had to file down the opening in the Intercooler because the mounting plate was...
  13. Procharger Blips on Startup and Stalls

    I'm betting you got the tune for the MAF being in the tube, Since Procharger doesn't sell the kit with the MAF in the intercooler anymore. Maybe Beefcake had your kit in stock from before the change was made.
  14. mileage daily driving supercharger

    Nope, you should buy a used Honda civic to daily, and put the boosts on the Mustang.
  15. mileage daily driving supercharger

    Sure, because it causes backpressure and forces the engine to "push harder" to expel the exhaust, and it generates a lot more heat, but still nothing close to as much power suck as a belt driven device. It takes 100 hp to make your Procharger give you 750
  16. mileage daily driving supercharger

    I don't really think that the dash calculation is very accurate. I run e70 all the time and never get more than about 13 miles per gallon when I do the calculation at the pump. Turbos are just inherently more efficient because the engine doesn't have to use energy to spin them. Gearing...
  17. Drivers side oil separator

    The drivers side is the "intake" for the crankcase, and the passenger side is the "exhaust" for the crankcase. This is why the PCV valve is on the passenger side, and there is no valve on the drivers side. The system is designed to draw filtered air in through the drivers side tube that...
  18. Compression Test

    Have you tried disconnecting the battery?
  19. mileage daily driving supercharger

    Here's a pretty good read for you.,torque%20delivery%20of%20the%20engine.&text=A%20centrifugal%20supercharger%20will%20do,produce%20good%20low%2DRPM%20power. Both options...