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  1. Can we calibrate our A10 GT's just like the new Mach 1?

    Or just take your MPVI2 with you on a test drive and read/save the tune.....haha....
  2. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    And you want to act like new cars doing it means it's OK? LOL sheep....there are plenty of new cars that DONT...he had one that didn't at first, mine didn't at first on any of the 3 engines....some don't for 20k some do new....which ones are "normal" noisey or quite? I know exactly what it is...
  3. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    It's not the DI, I played wirh the blends around there on tuning....ive even taken the follower out so that the lobe on the cam could not operate the DI pump...its absolutely not the DI... If it's normal they should just be able to tell you the exact cause of the sound and why? Lol or drink...
  4. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    Wait so before it took 15km for you to hear it, but the new ones did it immediately? Lol fckn ford
  5. FYI: Coyote 5.0 Plasma Transfer Wire Arc cylinder liners

    It has forged pistons....vs also has ( similar to 4th gen aluminum LS ) bulkhead supports for those plasma bores and while they are 5.2L id be curious to know since the block is rated for 12psi stock if they are slightly thicker. However supporting them in key places (kind of like...
  6. FYI: Coyote 5.0 Plasma Transfer Wire Arc cylinder liners

    I have a lot of experience with these both building from scratch and boosting salvage cores with a few mods ( ring end gap, ls9 gaskets and China head studs)... What you are describing is precisely how it should work...its has a little piston slap cold that goes away as it warms up. That is...
  7. Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    I had my car off for weeks at a time without starting no battery issues but I did have a rat eat the soy based insulation off my knock sensor harness and toss codes, evidently it's more common than I thought especially on trucks...hehe I've had so much shit I'm literally remembering more as I...
  8. Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Did you try either of the widebody, Challenger or Charger which come with adaptive dampening? Wonder if they would feel more nimble than a base GT aka non PP1
  9. Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Similar experiences and after 3 engines and fixing to be the 3rd trans, I got out...just ate all the shit I could....this was my first new car and every step of the way it was negative and a battle....will miss the performance but not the headache and denials, I almost got into a fist fight and...
  10. ngauge out of business??

    It would be nice if you encrypted the tune but don't lock the damn device...
  11. ngauge out of business??

    I like the idea of the RTD with Bluetooth logging to my phone.... Don't stock tunes have different strategies? Wouldn't it have to be YOUR stock tune? They don't even have mine as they started from the Edelbrock tune on my car ( thru SCT BDX How about stop locking it to begin with?
  12. ngauge out of business??

    Hopefully unless it's encrypted as well on a locked version...I did however pull it down wirh my MPVI2 before i ever started on custom tuning or the Edelbrock tune either...
  13. ngauge out of business??

    What if it goes out and you can't reflash stock?
  14. ngauge out of business??

    On a positive note my SCT BDx will sell higher lol
  15. ngauge out of business??

    Damn and everyone was trying to dump their inventory like that...
  16. ngauge out of business??

    Selling my car i can cut you a deal on my Lund one?
  17. ngauge out of business??

    I have zero doubt Lund nor LBD will abandon you, its just a device to load tunes...a standardize RTD by HPTUNERS is what id invest in...then use your phone via track addict to log and or observe in real time.... I'm sure HPTUNERS or someone else will develop and fill this vacuum even better...
  18. ngauge out of business??

    Screwed.... Its why I am going to a RTD used to a MPVI2 anyway...HPtuners isn't going out of business anytime soon been using them many years
  19. ngauge out of business??

    How long will you warranty it?