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  1. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    It's okay. I miss lots of posts when skimming 😛 even more so when I'm stoned. I sure do like that stripe delete though.
  2. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    I believe he does have them, according to post #10
  3. Mach 1 Drive Modes

    Thank you for all of that. Much appreciated.
  4. Mach 1 Emblems In Package

    I have no need to do this. I will see the emblems on my car when it gets delivered. Plus, there are dozens of high resolution images of mach 1, where I can clearly see the emblem on the car, more clearly than I can see the ones in the pictures you posted.
  5. Mach 1 Emblems In Package

    1. This forum is not the court of law. 2. His statement actually does hold ground, because he stated an opinion. He said it "looks" beat up.. he didnt say it "is" beat up. Using the term "looks" is subjective. If I'm 5'0", and you're 6'0", and I make the statement, "you look tall." Does that...
  6. Shipping blocks on the rear shocks

    You beat me to the post by less than 1 minute 😂😂
  7. Shipping blocks on the rear shocks

    Why didn't you just post this in your shipping block thread that you already created, instead of creating another shipping block thread? And what do you want to hear people say? People have already been responding in your other thread. Yes some people still had shipping blocks on their car, and...
  8. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    I hope I dont have this issue, but it wont bother me to much, since I work 10pm-6am, and do most of my driving when the roads are empty. 😈Lol. I ordered the FJG, and I semi-regret not getting shadow black with red calipers, but if I ordered the black, I knew I would semi regret not getting the...
  9. Steeda Mach 1 Breakdown

    But how quiet does it stay when you're in quiet mode? I work 10pm-6am, and I come and go at varying times, and I dont really want to be a bother to my neighbors.
  10. What did you do with your Mach 1 today?

    Did you apply the armor shield yourself?
  11. What did you do with your Mach 1 today?

    I dont know why I even check it every day. Lol. Mine is still 55 days away.. when its 3 weeks away, that's probably when I'll be bothering the dealer, hoping that it comes early. Lol
  12. What did you do with your Mach 1 today?

    I will say I'm already happy with how fast zach has been to respond to any of my questions. That said, what have you done with your mach 1? Any ppf or ceramic coating yet? The first thing in going to do is get new tires, window tinting, and ppf.
  13. What did you do with your Mach 1 today?

    I know itll be worth it. I'm just tired of walking. I also dont want to bug zach too much. I know hes willing to look it up and give me a more accurate time frame, but I also figure he has hundreds of other customers he's dealing with, and I'm going to be waiting for my car whether i ask him for...
  14. What did you do with your Mach 1 today?

    Today, I stared at the ford estimated delivery page for 1 hour, dreaming about my mach 1 that comes in june. :'(
  15. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    I'll try some of my local dealers, but I wont mind going up there if i have to. I want to check put the new lake Steven's skatepark anyways, so I could make it a 2 in 1. Thanks for the response.
  16. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    Where is the dealer that agreed to do this for you located at?
  17. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    So if I have a local dealer agree to this, how do I communicate this between the 2 dealers? I was honestly going to pay for separate shipping, but this way is cheaper. But idk if I'll even get a dealer to agree to this, and if it doesnt work out, it's all good, I'll just pay my separate...
  18. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    Did you have to pay for that shipping separately?
  19. Mach 1 Order Stats - Take Rates Ya. I wasnt paying attention when I was viewing them, I just assumed they were the gt500s, if I'm not mistaken (and I might be), these are the super snake package? Not 100% sure that's what the package is called.
  20. Mach 1 Order Stats - Take Rates

    Sorry, just realized they're mustang gt with a shelby package.