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  1. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    Coming from a vortech centri mustang moving to this monster it is night and day with the pedal. Centri took time to build and to get peak power you had to get the rpms to peak and keep them there. I could still light them ip on command bit a bit more clutch was needed and not as violent...
  2. The whipple wait

    There are indeed much worse things. We are fortunate enough to not only be able to afford these cars but to expand their potential. And most importantly it would seem we have our health. This painful wait will pass soon enough my friend. You will NOT be disappointed. you could be placing...
  3. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    You will have plenty of torque. Need to go taller on mine. 3.73’s and the whipple and making first and second a game of which gear smokes best.
  4. Crunchy spot in clutch pedal stroke after upgrade

    Yes. The dedent is a good way to describe it. Maybe it is the transition from the flat tips of the pressure plate as the bearing pushes them in. did you also replace the clutch line? Mine was squishy after warmup and felt all around terrible before doing the line. After is night and day...
  5. Crunchy spot in clutch pedal stroke after upgrade

    After installing the mcleod rxt HD clutch, flywheel, pilot bearing and ford oem slave cyl, i feel a “click” in the pedal stroke around where it engages. Pedal pressure is heavier than stock but expected with the 1200hp rate clutch and I initially assumed the higher pressure was the reason for...
  6. ProCal3 won't download tune

    If i were you i would delete most of your above post since you are sharing all the voucher details and account details.
  7. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    I only do sport then TC off. Have not tried track.
  8. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    Absolutely agree with turning off the traction control. I thought mine was a bit timid after the install but after turning off traction control it scared the poop right out of me.
  9. Is it possible to convert collision warning lights to rpm indication?

    thank you sir. I tried a few searches and nothing came up. Shelby shift light was likely the secret sauce. This is precisely what I was looking for.
  10. Is it possible to convert collision warning lights to rpm indication?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the HUD collision warning system led’s that pop up on the windshield to sequential or just a single led shift light. Would be cool like the ngauge to have programable rpm points that each led turns on.
  11. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    With spacers is there still enough hood clearance with the stock hood. A concern would be sufficient clearance between the brace and the SC for engine flex under hard acceleration.
  12. The whipple wait

  13. Whipple Gen 5 install on a '15-'17 write up

    Thanks for putting this together ZPD. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I was able to install mine solo...setting supercharger in place was hard alone. as for the belt, i question if i have that T backwards as my belt was a royal pain to get on. Vert, the 18+ manual is much...
  14. It's a sad day

    get yourself checked out and do not be so quick to wave off that you are not hurt too bad. accidents like this can lead to damage that does not show up until years later. I have a couple friends who were in serious accidents and felt no pain in the beginning but both years later had to have...
  15. Whipple TB/MAF tube/Inlet Suggestions

    how stiff is the elbow and any concerns with it collapsing under vacuum as the charger demands more air? Would be interesting to put a camera underhood on a wot pull to see if it deforms at all. From what i recall the silicone parts they sell are thick and very strong.
  16. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    What are the full tire size specs and rim width? I am going to go 20 rear on mine and am looking at 305’s.
  17. Whipple TB/MAF tube/Inlet Suggestions

    Great minds think alike ;)
  18. Whipple TB/MAF tube/Inlet Suggestions

    You could build something custom. I have used this place in the past multiple times. Quality is great and tons of selections and taps available.
  19. The whipple wait

    I wonder if that mark was caused by resting the unit in place before it was aligned? May e it is more basic and one of the intake gaskets was not aligned or the TB seal was not good. All that matters is it runs and you are driving it!
  20. The whipple wait

    Power adder or power level has no impact on break in process. You need to stay out of power and cycle the cutch very often in the first 500 miles. Make sure traction control is off as it may sense initial chatter as slippage and bugger things up. Driving 500 highway miles is worthless. Need...