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  1. Procharger + Nitrous

    I also have the YSI-b on standby with jets for a 150shot if I decide I want to shoot for 170mph+ and high 7s
  2. Procharger + Nitrous

    Yes on my build I can run more boost and/or a bigger shot of Nitrous. I believe the car will run low 8s if I spray on the hit and shorten the ramp. The only real limitation is with the Nitrous, I run a plate setup so anything north of a 200 shot would be sketchy due to potential distribution...
  3. Procharger + Nitrous

    Vortech V-7 JT-b which I think is F1 equivalent? I have it pulley’d for 20psi and car is full weight. Still a centri so I was just trying to share my experience with OP with adding Nitrous to a Centri combo which works great and also lowers IAT’s significantly.
  4. Procharger + Nitrous

    Thanks. The 60' is boost only and not max effort. I have a high stall converter with a TH400. I ran out of time before the weather ended the season last year here in the midwest to try the nitrous off the initial hit. I have a progressive controller and was experimenting with fairly long ramp...
  5. Procharger + Nitrous

    A little nitrous with the Centri blowers works great:
  6. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    I'm not on here much lately, but I have no problem sharing any info on the TH400 swap. When I did it 3-yrs ago, there was even less info available lol. Regarding the reverse lights and backup camera with a TH400: My car was a MT82 car so I already had the manual gauge cluster, PCM, and wiring...
  7. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    Yes, you shift the TH400 manually (powerglide shifts manually also).
  8. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    I bought a used Watson 6-pt bolt in that I installed as a 4 point so no crazy pro-mod cage lol.
  9. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    Yes, stock ECU with a quick tune revision from Lund. 6R80 records are super impressive but the 6R80 can't touch the TH400 durability and consistency
  10. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    I used the JPC S550 line-lock kit, JPC S550 shifter mount, and the JPC S550 TH400 mount - all quality parts. JPC doesnt manufacture or assemble the TH400 and whoever they use I have read mixed reviews. I measured and created a 2D drawing for the drive shaft and had the Drive shaft shop make it...
  11. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    Can you believe I'm still rocking the Vortech and its still a full weight PP premium [email protected]$%! Since I hijack'd your thread, here's in-car vid of that pass showing the TH400 in operation. I have a fist full of 8s passes now and the TH400 makes the car very consistent and reliable:
  12. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    Currently running a 3.73 ring & pinion, with a 28" tire = 3,200 rpm @ 65mph. I will be switching to a 3.55 ring & pinion over the winter because I'm hitting ~ 8,050 rpm @ 161 mph as I cross the finish line and I want to turn it up some more next year. Another benefit of the TH400 is you get a...
  13. 5.2/GT350 heads/3.2KB/Tremec-148 mph 1/4 mile/10.03-video

    TH400 and never look back ;-) Still fun on the street also and manual cars are really easy to convert
  14. Illinois-Chicago

    yes - I would pull the motor or drop the k-member. If you pull the motor you can do OPG, crank damper, or anything else you might want to do and it will be much easier
  15. Illinois-Chicago

    Interested - and I think we have done business before?? sending PM now
  16. CG Fab Single Turbo Install

    Whats the name of his youtube channel?
  17. First Centri 2018 in the 8s!!!!!!

    What pulley combo and peak boost do you see?
  18. Question on heads

    I don’t know the answer but I’m pulling my heads apart this weekend so I’ll let you know if I find anything matching your discription
  19. Vortech/paxton guys

    9.27 @ 148 mph. 17 psi peak boost
  20. How to install a switch to activate 2015-2018 line lock and not use the factory menu?

    I have the JPC linelock for S550 - it works flawlessly and is a must have for anyone who frequents the track regularly