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  1. Dyno mubers

    Mine fbo made 453/388
  2. Dyno mubers

    My plan is tomorrow.
  3. Dyno mubers

    I mean you misspelled your name. So 1-1
  4. Dyno mubers

    I got some new tires hopefully coming in today. I'll try some draggy stuff tomorroe
  5. Dyno mubers

    With cams, cj, ported heads? I'm not doing anything on 555g2s
  6. Dyno mubers

    Not sure off the top of my head.
  7. Dyno mubers

    To be honest I'm not sure.
  8. Dyno mubers

    That would make me so happy
  9. Dyno mubers

    Should not***
  10. Dyno mubers

    Lund told me I should need any fuel upgrades. Just injectors.
  11. Dyno mubers

    I got a 2015 6r80 5.0. Mods are: Ported and polished stock heads Comp stage 3 cams Ported cj, 137 mono, and steeda cold air. Lth headers 1 7/8th FFE On E Taking her to dyno sometime this week so happy! What yall think she will make?
  12. MY 19 GT350 vs any GT350R?

    But it contours the body lines. Spoiler.
  13. Should the Mustang become a two seater or go to a usable 4?

    I like the idea of a cheaper, faster alternative to an audi a7.
  14. Would you change you mind if you could reverse your Mustang Purchase?

    I love my car, but yes, I would have gotten something else. Now that I know the tlx type s is coming, im getting the itch for one.
  15. Texas Trade exhaust

    No exhaust. Im getting long tubes and other axlebacks installed
  16. Good Mustang Performance Shop in Conroe/Tomball Area

    HHP is up there somewhere. I dont exactly remember where. I think in Cyprus.
  17. Texas Trade exhaust

    this might be a funky one. Next weekend I'm getting long tubes and a different axleback to what I have on there now. Would anyone wanna trade Roush Axlebacks for something? Just pm me with wyg.
  18. California Original PP2 rims

    Then he will never sell them.
  19. California Original PP2 rims

    They're worth quite a bit, but not 1900 anymore at least. You can buy em from Ford for like 1700 new.
  20. Texas Rohana rfx13.

    Anyone got Rohana rfx13 wheels for sale? The titanium finish, please. Also looking for 20 x 9 in the front and 20 x 10 in the rear. Only tires im looking for if getting wheels and tires are Firehawk Indy 500s. No other tires, please. Will pay shipping if i have to.