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  1. Steering Rack or Tie Rod Problem -- need help :(

    lol sorry I'm retarded when it comes to posting images on this forum. but basically the shop was so incompetent as it was my first accident and I basically got scammed to keep my car in their shop it was too late when I realized their true motives but that's another story. They didn't fix much...
  2. Steering Rack or Tie Rod Problem -- need help :(

    No problem. Are you referring to the control arms? The accident was only on one side but obviously the force of impact to damage other areas. I will post my accident. I basically lost control ( haha... i already owned up to it as a big dummy ) and slid into a concrete median. I was unfortunately...
  3. Steering Rack or Tie Rod Problem -- need help :(

    Will inspect it tomorrow when I put the car on ramps. I'd have to find my alignment sheet, I'm fairly certain some components are damaged no doubt about that. Thank you.
  4. Steering Rack or Tie Rod Problem -- need help :(

    Car has some steering issues currently. Ever since my accident I've been chasing this steering problem. I am well aware suspension components are probably damaged but I want to single it out to one or a few parts. My car's steering does steer straight but I have to keep making sure the wheel is...
  5. Supercharged Cars - what street tires do you run?

    Assuming you have 3.15 gears how does it hook at 2nd at 60 for those mexico nights, or would you have to do 3rd at 60... Also what fronts are you running if you don't mind me asking. Thanks!
  6. Help reaching 900rwhp - what to add next

    It's more convenient if you want to grow into big boy power. Sure you can always pulley down on your 6-rib but you run risk of belt slip, griptec can solve that but for how long...
  7. Help reaching 900rwhp - what to add next

    10-rib regret doing that when my car was whipple supercharged.
  8. 1k whp with 19in tires

    Would I run into any issues with a ET street ss 305/35/19 with 4s 285/19s up front? Heard it can be a bit sketchy with wide fronts. I know it’s a bad idea to mix run flats with radials but I just checked and my 4S are not run flats. car is turbo. Any input is appreciated.
  9. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Purposeful bump as I want to know if anyone else can chime in :^)
  10. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Really sucks to be in your situation... that's a lot of money. I'd consider that a pretty good offer from Carmax. Idk if you know but on local facebook pages there are people selling their boosted cars for 30-40 grand, but idk if taking over someone's toy is your cup of tea considering you don't...
  11. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Anyone sold their accident reported mustang? I talked to a guy and he got 25k on his gen2 with 50k miles however that was at carmax. obviously through the internet these online dealers can’t gauge the damage estimates unless it’s seen in person so I’m sure that influenced by price of 24,999...
  12. GEN 5 whipple 60-130 dragy ?

    ran a mid 6 (60-130) with the whipple on e85, i wanna see what I can get with turbos and e85 on 12-13 lbs! im just too afraid lmao what if my car doesn't hook :eek:
  13. Better to Trade in WITH Supercharger or Return to Stock?

    Don't want to revive a dead thread but how much would it cost to go back to stock assuming you already have the manifold, suspension, and stock intake on hand
  14. check out BMR's new S550 STREET K Member here at Lethal Performance!

    So would this mean I would be able to use the front sway bar? Sounds interesting as I have the off-road/drag racing variant currently
  15. Whipple dyno results

    If you want some benchmarks or what to expect I basically had the exact same set-up and went 750/600 on E85 Fore LVL2, and ~680/??? on 93, didn't care for 93 cause I planned on running e85 fully.
  16. Who is using a Group 47 AGM Battery? Any issues?

    Oddly enough those are the ones I got and my negative cable doesn't want to fit on them, did you have any trouble putting the negative cable on the posts, any modification? In order for me to get it to fit I literally had to hammer the negative cable in until it fit which felt so awful and wrong...
  17. Who is using a Group 47 AGM Battery? Any issues?

    Opened a new thread just now, but just wondering which posts did you purchase for your D4700. I am having trouble fitting the negative cable as it doesn't want to go in as the hole is too small for the posts.
  18. Boosted Tire / Suspension setup

    If you aren't going out in the rain anyway I had no trouble hooking with the ET Street SS in 2nd gear at 40 with a whipple on e85. Nothing against nitto just because I'd consider those if I get caught in rain, which in Houston is likely. I do think the MT alternative is way more expensive tho...
  19. XS POWER D4700 Posts question

    so reading up on the forums I decided to get the D4700, but the posts that I got "580 short brass post" screw in and everything but the negative cable doesn't want to fit into the post properly. Should I buy the "586 tall" post or how should I go about doing this? I did get it to fit but I had...
  20. Boosted Tire / Suspension setup

    definitely want to get a radial: et street ss since you want to go 19s. it also has pretty good street manners. quite the expensive tire however. be careful in the rain as with an radial use common sense. I was 750 on the whipple set up with 305/35/19 et street r's and was able to hook in...