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  1. Engine ticking/knocking noise when cold

    Had the same noise on our shop car when the turbo shaft was bent. Couldn't see it from the inlet side but on the exhaust side you could spin the shaft and could see the shaft wobbling. Sounds almost like a throw out bearing when it goes bad.
  2. Ingot silver.. Fastest color option? Dyno graphs included

    Hmmm if we wrap it silver before the next race will that get drop us into the 8's? :lol:
  3. Ingot silver.. Fastest color option? Dyno graphs included

    Only because he was wearing Yellow. Just saying...
  4. First VTT Stage 2 in the 10's! Who's next!

    No one is up in arms I'm simply stating that you are making a poor comparison. Brad went 9.99 @ 131 a few days later just trying to run a number and that is just scratching the surface. As a consumer I'd want to see a comparison of your product against something similar to judge it by.

    He reset the record this past Friday, our 10.24 was set the Saturday prior in Bowling Green.
  6. First VTT Stage 2 in the 10's! Who's next!

    I'm simply pointing out you should not assume anything you should use the facts and in this case you don't know them. You are trying to prove the value of your product against a single timeslip a car ran without knowing how the car was set up on that pass. Yes his car is a race car no one argues...
  7. First VTT Stage 2 in the 10's! Who's next!

    No offense but you can't compare that number without the facts. He trapped 137 in the final run of the night, a far cry from 122. Not to take anything from Mark, his car is flat out working and is pushing that turbo hard as he should be. Congrats again Mark!
  8. 2015 Early build vs. 2016+

    I've seen that in other countries instead of MMDDYY they use DDMMYY. So right after the EE100 if you go by then the dates make sense on most of the EE100 labels posted on here. Our car was one of the first few Ecoboosts delivered to our local dealership.
  9. 2015 Early build vs. 2016+

    Decal from the front of the UPR Ecoboost engine that has been pushed pretty hard.
  10. [email protected] - Full Weight - No Nitrous - No Methanol - Stock Converter

    Congrats Ken! Good to see you got everything sorted out since the mess from the original build.
  11. Nitrous Express Ecoboost Mustang Nitrous Plate System

    Same price with bottle the starting price without bottle is $631.99.
  12. NMRA True Street

    They follow the rules of the track they are at whether it's NHRA or IHRA. Typically speaking if you exceed the ET of what your car is legal to they will usually let it slide for first timers. They will pull you aside and possibly have you sign a waiver stating that you will get it updated within...

    Pick from the NMRA race in Bradenton
  14. While everyone is losing their minds, I'm just over here....

    Adam I strongly disagree with your post and think every ecoboost owner should refrain from going WOT at any point in time. Especially during the NMRA ecoboost shootout races that is when you are most at risk to hurt your engine. In the meantime we'll continue to be the guinea pig and see just...
  15. Official 1/4 Mile Fast List & Leaderboards (I4 Ecoboost) - 2015+ Mustangs

    From what I was told it was in the 1,1xx' range Sunday afternoon although it felt much worse. Thanks. That was on 100.
  16. Lund tunes stock turbo stock engine to the 10s

    There should be video popping up of the final pass pretty soon but yes we did go 10.87 @ 125
  17. Bradenton NMRA EcoBoost Challenge

    Not nearly as good as day 3 well day 4 would technically correct. Pretty much the common modifications that most people go with. Bigger intercooler, downpipe, tuning. We run MS109 with a race tune from Lund Tuning and an NX methanol kit for additional fueling. Turbosmart bov & wastegate with...
  18. Bradenton NMRA EcoBoost Challenge

    Thanks guys and yes stock turbo, stock engine as well.