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  1. Base model GT brake booster vs. PP1 brake booster- same part?

    The booster is the same, however the master cylinder is different, Ford even has different master cylinder for a PP car over a base car. The GT350 shares the same master cylinder as the base model car though.
  2. Why is everyone so against shipping their classifieds parts?

    I have no issue shipping however I'm becoming very irritated with Paypal as of lately with holding money for stupid reasons, when I sold some heads I had ported they held onto the money for 3 weeks saying everything from tracking number needed (buyer had to sign for package according to FedEx)...
  3. 2019 Comp cams stage 2 NSR installed!

    I'm no converter specialist but yes I've been told 6-7% is what they want, the setup will ultimately determine what the builder sets it to. I don't think its a friction material issue more as how they position the vanes in the converter itself to get the desired rpm.
  4. 2019 Comp cams stage 2 NSR installed!

    Did yo accomodate for converter slip? Most online calculators don't account for slip, which from what I'm told should be 6-7%
  5. cold air intake is it worth it?

    For someone like you yes I agree with your results because road racing you'll constantly be moving and introducing fresh air to the filter, but in a drag racing scenario you have to remember the cars are sitting in the staging lanes and once the car gets to the light the IAT can be high. For...
  6. 2019 Comp cams stage 2 NSR installed!

    The Gen 2 Coyote has the same valve springs as a Roadrunner, the Gen 3 has better springs than both: So spinning it to 8k probably won't hurt them since Comp took that into account when designing those lobes.
  7. Steeda Sets New World Record - UPDATE - 9.787 @141.22 mph

    Happens all the time, at least Steeda is being open about mods, but some of the claims people are making are such BS.
  8. Benefits of 10 speed over MT82 for drag racing

    Minimizing rpm drop and keeping it in the upper rpm band along with consistent shifts and the speed at which is switches gears is all major advantages. Add in a higher stall converter and really you'd be dumb not to use a A10, with that said I'm dumb because I have a MT82, but should this ever...
  9. Good Mustang Performance Shop in Conroe/Tomball Area

    He might be but his work is top notch, not saying Ripley's isn't but I know his background and I can't argue against his prices.
  10. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    I have a set of rods that are lighter than stock, but they aren't cheap, it depends on the manufacturer. But yes rebalance is needed regardless imo.
  11. Good Mustang Performance Shop in Conroe/Tomball Area

    Just for future reference, check out Heideman Racing Dynamics
  12. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    Spoke with a friend who has done a gen 3 coyote and he said the most they can be honed is .002", depending on how straight the bores are that maybe enough or it may not, only way to tell is to put a tq plate on it and measure. Usually we bore to .003" before we put the final hone on a block. If...
  13. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    Haven't done a GEN 3 so I don't know about the plasma liners, seen a few sleeved now and a Bear block but no I have not done a GEN 3. But everything still applies, the best I can tell you is if you try this measure everything, TQ it down min of 3 times and break it loose and then remeasure, even...
  14. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    Even if you get the bobweights where you want, then it leaves oil clearances which are a much bigger deal than the bobweights. Even brand new parts need to be checked and sometimes touched up before assembly because the bores will be off on either rods, sometimes the pistons where the wrist pin...
  15. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    Then your best bet maybe to buy a short block if you have no competent machine shops you trust.
  16. Stock Gen 3 bobweight/ complete piston-Rod weight??

    I wouldn't let a rebalance prevent you from building what you want. spend the money on the balance job and then get what is needed either H-beams or I-beams for rods and a proper piston and have it balanced. Besides that you're splitting hairs at this point because balancing a rotating assembly...