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  1. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    I highly doubt anybody who's been viewing this thread has purchased this exhaust contributing to the so called orders that keep rolling in.
  2. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    WOW... 5.oh. You just got called a white entitled demanding privileged woman. Oh and let's not forget a racist. Please for the love of God somebody by the stupid Corsa race system so Lethal Performance can afford to hire somebody to handle Public Relations
  3. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Yeah it's tough being the only fanboy.
  4. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Be careful talking about Lethal like that. CJJon won't like it. 🤣
  5. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Not mad at all in fact I purchased my Corsa Xtreme from Lethal Performance. I just don't know where you get off telling me I can't have an opinion on a product that is highly overpriced. I don't see other well-established vendors making dumb YouTube videos asking "where's the mufflers?"...
  6. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    I'm well aware they are just the vendor on behalf of the manufacturer. Trying to justify the ridiculous price because the tips are usually $400 is ridiculous. So as a consumer I'm supposed to believe I'm not getting ripped off for paying $300 for a couple of feet of straight pipe? Yeah that's...
  7. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Oh... I want to say it so bad 🤣🤣🤣 That's what she said,🤣🤣🤣
  8. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    So automatically because he's a sponsor of the forum and has a business we're supposed to shut up, bow down and comply. Gotcha. Sorry the world doesn't work that way. The purpose of the forms are to express your opinions. Agreements or disagreements will happen.
  9. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    I think we're all trying to justify the cost. You want to sit there and preach about inflation and how manufacturers are struggling but care to explain why other manufacturers offer similar setups for a fraction of the cost?
  10. I hate people who think they are special

    Sadly calling the police would have solved nothing. It happened on private property and I'm quite sure your deductible is more than the cost to repair that scratch. No offense but I also think the title of your post is kind of hypocritical. I get it we all love our cars but it's not like you own...
  11. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Why on earth would someone spend that kinda money for an exhaust delete? I have the Corsa Xtreme Catback on my car. I only spent that kinda money because of the RSC (Reflective Sound Cancellation) Technology. Maybe this is Corsa's answer to their backorder problem. Took 3 plus months to get my...
  12. Best Tuners for Flex Tune and Basic Bolt-ons

    I have the Steeda 93 tune on my 16 California Special. Only mods in have are Steeda CAI and Corsa Xtreme. Steeda would not write an E85 tune for my car without me upgrading the injectors even though it's an option when filling out the tune form. After some back and forth Steeda changed their...
  13. Corsa or Borla

    I was notified about the delay because I was the one who inquired to Corsa first and then reached out to you with information regarding the back order. Most online retailers will list a product back ordered to inform customers before they make a purchase. But I'm glad you tried to turn it around...
  14. Corsa or Borla

    Well... Corsa is still backordered. My system was scheduled to ship out yesterday. Reached out to Corsa and was told today that my order has now been rescheduled to ship April 12th. This is beyond ridiculous having to wait 3 1/2 months or longer for an exhaust system. Called Lethal and they...
  15. Steeda tuning???

    No disrespect but things continuously changing with tuning had nothing to do with the fact E85 was never offered for the gen 2 mustangs. Yes I did inquire about E85 but after waiting with no response I found my answer on your website. A typical customer who is not a forum member would have come...
  16. Steeda tuning???

    Thanks for updating the website. Just sucks being the guinea pig. To be honest I would've gone with a different tuner had this info been provided before my purchase.
  17. Corsa sports vs extremes

    If you do order Corsa be prepared to wait. I purchased my Corsa Xtreme Catback system on December 31st. Hopefully I'll get it by the first week in April.
  18. Steeda tuning???

    Well... No E85 if you have a gen2 mustang unless you upgrade your injectors with the Steeda tune. I think Steeda needs to update the website to cause less confusion and eliminate any potential false advertisement.
  19. Steeda tuning???

    [email protected] reached out to me and I'm waiting for Matt (Steeda's Tuner) to clarify everything. Hopefully it all gets worked out. Steeda over the years has always been a standup company and I'm sure they will make it right somehow in the end.
  20. Steeda tuning???

    Yeah I'm running a stock IM. I purchased the tuner from Steeda thinking E85 was an option after filling out the tuning page. Odd I'm being told E85 is not available for 15-17 when you have to select the year and model of your car. Next the from gives you 2 options with E85 being available on...