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  1. Apex wheels

    What are you using them for? Track days, Autocross? I have 2 sets for track days ... EC-7's ... not my favorite design, but I like the SM-10 even less, so this was a budget track wheel I could live with. So far they've done what I've asked ... if you're looking for a street wheel, get what...
  2. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Road America 4/24/21 - 2:42.309 2018 Mustang GT PP2 Stock engine Stock PP pads BMR springs, front sway bar Maximum Motorsports Camber Plates Apex EC-7 19 x 11 305/30/19 Square - Bridgestone RE71R
  3. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    This should answer most if not all your question. Apex fitment guide
  4. active exhaust not available

    Not to restructure this thread again, but I also want to remind people that if you have frayed or cut a wire on the pinch weld on the passenger side (seems to be the worse offender), this will likely also fry the #34 fuse in the engine compartment. Learned this myself from experience. Replaced...
  5. Covid Shots

    58 and have absolutely no intention of getting this mRNA "Vaccine" and I work with the public on a daily basis. If the government mandates it, I'll be last in line ... I see no benefit to it other than calming the fear placed by the news media.
  6. SEMA Fights Back Against EPA - Please Sign

    Already have replies back from my State Senators ... about as expected. Liberal State 🤨
  7. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    The guy that powder coated my Apex wheels made the same mistake. He measured outside edges vs bead seat to bead seat. Tried convincing me I had 19 x 20 wheels. I rolled over the wheel and there was the stamping 18 x 11. He was pretty quiet after that.
  8. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    I agree with Jake If the wheels are what you say, they are identical to the PP2 , which if you look closely at a PP2, the fronts have the poke. Your fenders are standard Mustang fare, so without the poke, you don't have 10.5" wheels in the front. Remeasure and you'll see what we're saying...
  9. What are Track and Autocross guys doing about...

    I bought RE-71R's 2 weeks ago ... shipped straight from Bridgestone to Discount Tire. I'll probably run the RT660's on my 18's though.
  10. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    Is the Mach I a rip off? ... well, not if people buy them they aren't. I was intrigued when Ford announced the Mach, only because I knew the 350 was being put out to pasture. I hoped it would be a Coyote'd engine track focused replacement. I wondered if they would correct all the things they...
  11. We know everything, except the weight

    Which specific parts are being removed?
  12. Ford Track Handling Package awful?

    Start with the simple things first. Did the problems start after installing the FPP kit? If so, recheck your work. Look for lose nuts, etc. If that checks out, what setting did you install the front and rear sway bar? << this will make a huge difference and I can't help but thing you...
  13. '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    Its available as a stand alone $1695 option on either the GT or GT Premium.
  14. Powder Coating experts chime in

    Those definitely look better than what I had. Nice color btw. Any idea what powder they used for those. I've been thinking of coating my second Apex set with something similar. That dark anthracite looks good with Kona blue. If it weren't for the fact that temps have been below 0 for the last 2...
  15. Powder Coating experts chime in

    Update; I was finally able to get the wheels back to the coater so he could see the poor quality first hand. He wholeheartedly agreed that the wheels did not turn out as he was told by his worker. So he agreed to media blast everything bare and re-coat them in the next week or so. He was very...
  16. What is it like driving '65 - '73 Mustang and how does it compare to a S550??

    The muscle cars of the 60's and early 70's don't compare to the muscle cars of today engineering wise. However, the muscle cars of today don't compare to the muscle cars of the 60's and early 70's as being unique and full of character. The experience of owning something from the early muscle...
  17. RE-71R Promo @ Discount Tire thru 2/15

    Just a heads up for anyone needing race rubber for the upcoming 2021 season. Discount Tire is having a President's Day Promotion that gives an instant 10% savings on Bridgestone & select Firestone tires + additional 10% savings if you use the Discount Tire credit card for the purchase. Its...
  18. Powder Coating experts chime in

    The sad part is, the orange peel is the best of the worst. There are some surface irregularities and other places where it looks like the wheel had contaminants under the powder. Stands out like a sore thumb in person. I'm still waiting to see if the shop owner plans to reshoot them or shrug...
  19. Powder Coating experts chime in

    I bought a used set of Apex 18 x 11 EC-7's in satin black. The same satin black I'm not fond of on my 19" set. So, I brought them to a powder coating shop that's in the area of my work. Asked about a price for gloss black, was quoted $200 for the set and off I went. Now from what I know about...
  20. Minnesota WTB lighty used Corsa Double Helixx X-Pipe

    Looking for a lightly used Corsa resonator delete, Double Helixx X-pipe. I have the ability to ship from anywhere in the lower 48.