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  1. Feedback on 6GR wheels 19 or 20

    Nice setup. Are you running any spacers?
  2. My Coyote Sounds like a Diesel?

    It does sounds a bit weird. Might be a good idea to check your PCV valve and hoses.
  3. Active exhaust DIY

    Yeah, that could work. They do come with a remote so it would be a plug and play solution. Wiring them up to a physical button would take some work, depending on the communication protocol they use. Based on photos I've seen on Arduino forums where people were asking for help, I think they use...
  4. Active exhaust DIY

    To shed some more light on the project... Soon after I started digging into those actuators, I found out that they're all made by the same company called Kuster. Ford, BMW, Volvo etc all use pretty much the same actuators (with some small differences). This kinda peeked my interested so I...
  5. Active exhaust DIY

    Yeah, they're basically just reselling them. The markup is insane, especially when you look at US made off-the-shelf solutions (Roush and others). I did look at those a while back and decided to do something a bit more OEM. Didn't like the inner protrusions as those could cause additional...
  6. Active exhaust DIY

    Yeah, I wanted to avoid cracking them open. I'll post my current setup/progress below. That would def solve it. Just not sure what tool to use as there's not that much space on the top. Dodge actuators use the same setup as Ford but I'm having a hard time finding those springs online -...
  7. Active exhaust DIY

    Just tried doing a test fit and those BMW coupling pins are too long, they hit the side wall of the actuator base. Tried tweaking one and ended breaking it. Looking for an alternative solution.
  8. I need a new, private email

    check out as well
  9. Active exhaust DIY

    They came with with straight coupling pins so they might work out of the box - I'll test it out and report back. Already tried fitting those, no luck. The only option would be to cut the shields in couple places or cut the mounting base on the exhaust. I think I'll just fabricate my own at...
  10. Active exhaust DIY

    Hacking together an active exhaust setup using Arduino. I am actually using BMW exhaust valve actuators as they can be found for cheap on ebay + they're all made by one and the same company. Got the actuators to spin both ways, next step is to solder everything up and add a fancy switch LOL
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas folks! Get out and drive, life is too short!
  12. Oil Change disaster... Currently Confused and Embarrassed

    You don't need a lift and you don't need a garage. All you need is love for wrenching. I did my first oil change in the street, on race ramps :)
  13. Oil Change disaster... Currently Confused and Embarrassed

    That's great news! Btw, a strap wrench is a great tool to have, especially when it comes to oil filters. And yeah, that dipstick is a bit hard to read sometimes, it's too smooth and doesn't retain oil well.
  14. American Muscle Disappointment

    I'm just gonna leave this here, it speaks for itself.
  15. Why did Ford rush the 2018 facelift?

    When it comes to proportions, headlights on the refresh sit too low (for my taste), which in turn makes the hood look inflated. On the other hand, the original shark/fist hood design is also a bit bulky. GT350's front end is the most proportional/functional looking design IMO.
  16. Deep tone cat-back with no drone

    The exhaust was already on the car when I got it (at 8k miles). Roush is expensive compared to other options out there. You can get quad mufflers from an 18+ car for cheap. I just ordered a pair on ebay for $250 for a project I'm working on. The Roush rear valance is a pain to install from...
  17. Deep tone cat-back with no drone

    I got a Roush axle-back, didn't notice any drone so far. Love the sound at WOT.
  18. BMR Suspension SP083 Handling Springs, REVISED and Better than Ever!

    I just opened the FP box and you're right, they're in there. Cool, that solves it! Thanks y'all!
  19. Should I refund my car? (Update: Got my refund)

    Not sure if this helps or not but it took me 6+ months to find the car I wanted at the price I was ready to pay. You'll be driving that car every single day (hopefully) so it's important to avoid all of those things that could bug you because they never really go away. This forum is a gold mine...