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  1. I hate people who think they are special

    you'd have been standing there waiting on 100.00 if it was me.
  2. Now considering a Mach 1

    They don't charge ADM here for a GT, they nail people For GT 350. 500, Bullitt, Mach ETC
  3. Now considering a Mach 1

    I considered one as well. I wont consider the Fkn ADM.
  4. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Stroking out reading this. You DO have a Coyote.
  5. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Don't like them
  6. Custom Plates?

  7. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    that what you did in the Chair Force? Drag nuts across your faces?
  8. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    you must be fun at parties
  9. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    You called the cops because a kid was sitting on your hood? What the fk was the guy charged with?
  10. No Love

    Because you would have carpal tunnel from waving at the 14,657 others you would see driving to work.
  11. Anyone else a fair weather driver?

    Rain doesn't hurt my car. I drive it. I wash it. Its a car.

    The dark blue without the Kona Purple is really nice
  13. CMON' Man!

    Not exactly shocking.
  14. Comparing the GT with Porsche Cayman 718

    every time I see a nice 911 I def look. I want one.
  15. New Mustang GT PP1 or New BMW M4 with Competition Package?

    Then all you need is a transmission and an Engine.
  16. Whats the loudest axel back exhaust?

    Had a Lambo Urus pass me on the highway...that's the sound I want!
  17. Bullitt vs. M440i

    Should have used M2C for comparison.
  18. It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    beautiful blue
  19. Bullitt vs. M440i

    Its a 382hp boat. Congrats. The BMW is down about 100 hp and 200lbs over weight.