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  1. 2015-17 Mustang Hooker Catback Exchaust (3inch)

    Sold & tracking information sent. Hope you enjoy!
  2. 2018 5.0 Highway MPG

    Wow 30mpg consistently while driving the GT lol? I'm not sure how you they can get that as I barely got that when I had my ecoboost or v6. I got so frustersted that at I one point I thought Ford was false advertising so I tried to achieve the highest mpg I could get. I ended up getting 40mpg but...
  3. NEW! BW '15-'18 Top Mount Twin Turbo Systems Starting at $7-8K

    Two questions: 1) Are these essentjelly tuner kits? 2) Do the manifold come standard with ceramic coating?
  4. just got my new 2018 can't wait to get boost

    I think he took the Whipple off the car. So it's really just how much he got for the trade in.
  5. Custom Paint and Painted Stripes in Southern California! I'm Very Happy! Great Deal

    Looks great but why how come you didn't just add the stripes?
  6. Livernois Motorsports 2015 GT Supercharger Build

    Lol you guys could save everyone else the hassle by listing what parts are needed for say 600-700rwhp or what ever the next level your kit is.
  7. What did you buy on Black Friday

    iPad for the GF
  8. Best bang for buck supercharger?

    What's wrong with the Magnuson?
  9. Best bang for buck supercharger?

    Where is the rest of the graph :shrug:
  10. Best bang for buck supercharger?

    Livernois super charger is $5500: Paxton's starting at $5,500
  11. We are no longer offering Comp Turbo..

    ^ I thought I remember seeing they had some type of patent. I'll let BW clarify though as that's the route I wanted to go...
  12. Tires that Hold on Dry Asphalt at 600+ RWHP (not DR)

    I have that same problem but nothing wrong with DBS lol...
  13. Boost Works 1200hp entry level twin turbo kit? Starting around $6k!

    If your uploading directly from your phone try resizing the picture or use one of those photo compression apps. One of those options usually solves my issue.