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  1. The 5.0 stranded me on the side of the road today

    the only thing you could check is the gauge to see if it’s not bad. I believe you could test it in engineering test mode. Otherwise yeah you would have to pull the pump which I believe is pretty easy since it’s under the rear seat.
  2. The 5.0 stranded me on the side of the road today

    Agreed, not sure why everyone is focusing on the dte indicator when it was mentioned the gauge seems to be high. The real issue is with the fuel level indicator. Maybe it’s reading higher than actual levels which of course would throw dte off. The only thing that the dte could throw off is when...
  3. What engine in what car would you like to see?

    Mercury Marine 7.0 dohc v8 in a Ford GT. Just to say screw you Ford this is what you should have done. Or really just stick that engine in a classic muscle car built as a restomod.
  4. '18 rear bumber on '15-'17 and exhaust

    You can still run a roush or gt350 rear valance on a base bumper if you want
  5. PMAS no tune question

    Awesome replies thanks everyone. I decided to pull the trigger on it. Hopefully I can get to making some kind of custom box for it and doing some CFD to keep iats down. Might make a fun weekend project.
  6. Left the chevy camp a week ago

    How you liking the trunk space i think that’s probably the biggest difference. I’ve seen the trunk space in camaros and they might as well not even have one.
  7. Is this a Mustang dressed up as a Challenger, or a Challenger borrowed by a Mustang driver?

    I think people just panic when they start going sideways and keep the pedal mashed. It looks like after the initial hit the car slows down then accelerates harder which is what lifts the trucks up. I’ve never been in a situation where letting go off the gas didn’t help get the car straight...
  8. Which Exhaust To Purchase

    I’d start with an x pipe or h pipe to get rid of the resonator first that’ll wake the car up. Then you can do an axle back. If you can though I would get a full catback. A manufacturer like borla, corsa, or awe would give you no drone.
  9. PMAS no tune question

    I’m considering getting the pmas no tune intake but have questions about how it works with warranty. I know it comes with a recalibrated maf to enable it to be no tune but can Ford see that the maf was swapped out do you the values it’s reading if they go looking for it. I’ve still got warranty...
  10. anybody else noticed weird startups

    Mines done it a few times since I don’t think it’s a big deal though once you shut the car off it goes back to normal.
  11. Rubbing with lowering springs and spacers

    I don’t believe I can do anything less than 25 with these wheels. I’ve heard a 23 on the back would be the lowest spacing with these. I’ll definetly keep in mind what you said though.
  12. Rubbing with lowering springs and spacers

    Hey guys so I really like the look of spacers on a lowered car. Right now I’m running 25mm spacers with performance package rims and Michelin tires in the factory size. I currently have a little poke almost flush at stock ride height so I’m concerned that if I do lowering springs it’ll rub or...
  13. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    Disregard the previous post I found them fairly cheap. Helpful hint for someone looking in the future though is to look for local dealers that allow you to search and buy parts through their website. Being that they’re local I saved about 40 dollars in shipping.
  14. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    Hey guys I have all the other parts installed since I bought the car but never got around to buying the lower k brace. I’m tired of having to take the whole panel off to do an oil change so I’m looking for the parts. I can get everything fairly cheap from a local dealer online but they want 9...
  15. Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    I can tell you what gears I’m in if that’ll help next time I drive the car.
  16. Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    Maybe there’s someone local that can take u for a ride in their car so you can see the difference though
  17. Annoyned by dealership refusing a test drive

    If you said just test drive you would’ve gotten the test drive. But if I was a salesman and someone said they wanted to see the difference I would immediately think they’re gonna go around racing the car and won’t buy it so why risk the liability. I personally have the 3.55’s and don’t think...
  18. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    we sell at 1 million not a penny less.
  19. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I got an offer of 28,756 for my 17 GT 401a with 33000 miles. Needless to say I bought it in early 2018 with 10000 miles and Ford certified warranty for 32000. Nice to to know I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. Although I sometimes regret not getting a similar 17 GT in triple yellow with all...
  20. Atlanta Street Racers nabbed in sting

    I like what I saw in the article about certain cities organizing locations and streets for this kind of activity. I think if police spent a bit of money on organizing the events legally and police them rather than trying to catch people at illegal ones it would benefit a lot more people and help...