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  1. Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    An opinion/argument is just that, an opinion. Make your counter argument if you want but don't just go to berating someone. By the way, instead of "sheep" he should have used the words "ignorant people". That is an objective term, not subjective. And the argument against $15 is supported by...
  2. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    I think you a That could be it. I didn't look at the back of the panel because I knew which fuse I was looking for. Seems like it would be a card that has the code for a keyless entry keypad but since we don't have that there's no reason to have the card. :crazy:
  3. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    I'm at Sync 3.2 and never signed up for FordPass so instead of a FordPass icon I have one in that place called Isync. I can disable Wi-Fi under the Automatic updates icon and when I do the Wi-Fi hotspot option is greyed out. One thing that I have a question about is what is a key code card? When...
  4. 1000 miles with new engine update

    The transmission issues that you describe sound like a possible low trans fluid situation. Many have had low trans fluid out of the factory and the symptoms are similar to yours. Worth having checked as a possible easy way to resolve your issues. People who had low fluid said it was night/day...
  5. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Fuse pulled... For those that say your phone already has your position and speed I would say that without the vehicle's data to compare to your phone's GPS data how can anyone assume that you are A) In a Mustang at all and B) that you are operating a vehicle at that time? Maybe you're hanging...
  6. Oh no, here comes the cylinder deactivation nonsense.

    In 1981 GM offered Oldsmobile the 4-6-8 engine and here's how fast the Olds engineers ran from it.
  7. Oh no, here comes the cylinder deactivation nonsense.

    If you like your V8, you can keep your V8... :giggle:
  8. 3 Day Old Mustang GT Drifted Right Into Creek

    In Canada they do cars and walleyes! I'm pretty sure it's illegal to use a mustang as bait :giggle:
  9. Car has felt "loose" since rim/tire change up.

    If excessive weights are needed to balance a wheel/tire a good shop will rotate the tire on the wheel and recheck for less weights to get it balanced. The fewer weights, the better and matching the tire to the wheel is more work but the best way to go.
  10. Who's the GENIUS?

    Not making any excuses for the guy but it looks like he thought that hatchback taking a right turn was coming into his lane so he swerved left to avoid it. That's when he lost it. Just another reason not to street race in a crowded area. Anything can happen and it's almost all bad.
  11. 1987 Buick Grand National vs 2018 gt

    I wouldn't doubt it. It was a real mover. One issue that I haven't heard the GN people mention was the excessive turbo lag. It was hit the gas, adjust your mirrors, then hold on! Kidding, but there was a noticeable delay before the power came on big time. It was a unique vehicle for its day.
  12. 1987 Buick Grand National vs 2018 gt

    A friend of mine had a 1989 turbo Trans-Am pace car that had the GNX engine in it. He would always bring up an article, might have been Motor Trend, that stated in the road test it was the fastest 50-70 mph car they had ever tested. The problem with that car was the transmission didn't seem to...
  13. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    The royal crimson color might make that more collectible/higher value in a few more years. I was set to buy a new RC 18 but they closed the order banks early in 18 and we couldn't find one in stock the way I wanted it. I was bummed that RC was discoed. Ended up with an orange fury 19 and love it...
  14. 2020 New Voodoo Big Booboo- Engine Replacement Experience

    Not blaming the builder but he/she should know when an engine fails in such a short period. Many things could have happened and the builder should at least be notified. Root cause analysis needs to be done and as much learned as possible. If I had built that one I would like to know about the...
  15. 2020 New Voodoo Big Booboo- Engine Replacement Experience

    Glad to hear that. No offense meant. Sounds like you got to know them well and they took good care of you and your ride. Just crazy that a hand-built engine should have an epic fail so soon. You should get the builder's name(s) off of the engine plaque and send it to Ford. Cheers and I hope...
  16. 2020 New Voodoo Big Booboo- Engine Replacement Experience

    Hey Andre, not trying to accuse anyone but is there any chance that the guys at the PPF shop took a ride to see what 8250 RPM feels like? Wouldn't be the first time a joy ride was taken by a shop.
  17. You know you drive a S550 Mustang when...

    When you're about to turn down your street and you go the other way to keep driving for a few more minutes.
  18. 2020 Shelby GT500 vs. GT350R: Autocross Back-to-Back Comparison

    LOL, 2 minutes of fame for the mister2! :crackup:
  19. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Apologies for hijacking this thread! Thanks for the comments and I agree on the killer turbo lag. Mine started to burn oil at 60k (traded it) but before that it was a fun car in its day. Cheers