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  1. Stock PZeros - How long do they last?

    The rears about 15,000 mi..fronts looking like maybe gonna get close to 30,000..been great tires..would like to find em cheap but just cant seem to find where all these people toss em aside..
  2. Let me guess! Shakes.. a pick up?

    If that wasn't Merry Christmas Charlie Brown I'd be embarrassed..!
  3. Kentucky Black 2018+ performance package rear spoiler

    Including a black 15-17pp trunk lid with sale if you can use it and dont wish to drill your from a parts yard and has some dings and cosmetic issues..come check out and make offer..thx
  4. Kentucky Black 2018+ performance package rear spoiler

    Local pickup only in western ky 42366(Owensboro area)..excellent factory finish with hardware $450/offer
  5. Kentucky 4 used gloss graphite SVE S350 gt350 replica rims w/tpms

    Pm me to come see and make offer...thx
  6. Kentucky 4 used gloss graphite SVE S350 gt350 replica rims w/tpms

    Local area pickup only..Owensboro daviess co area in Western central 42366..2 are 19x10..2 are 19x11..about 6,000 mi..excellent dings/ scrapes or curb rash..factory ford tpms..also included are both black and chrome splined lug nuts w/sockets and SVE center...
  7. Value/worth of my used aftermarket rims before listing

    Picked up some new lmr S350'S a few years back and have run them a few summers and put them away for winter each year..probably have run them about 6-7000mi but they are not going back on next spring..they are the 19" gloss graphite 2-10"s and 2-11"..have had the tires removed and now wish to...
  8. Stock Bullitt vs pp1 wheel weigh in's

    But are the bullitt rims staggered also?..
  9. Stock Bullitt vs pp1 wheel weigh in's

    Found some info here interesting..sorry if link has been put up again..
  10. 2018 Roush Supercharged tire size??

    Go with a 285/40 rear..little wider and will make your gear a tad taller
  11. Stock Bullitt vs pp1 wheel weigh in's

    Has anyone bare weighed these factory rims for the weight comparison.?..they are staggered also ..right?
  12. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    I don't know..for me it will always be the stick if it's being offered...there's something about cruising and coasting along and being able rev the exhaust...and not having to worry about slamming it in reverse.
  13. Performance Pack 1 price increase?

    After having a PP1 gt the last 5 yrs and remembering the noticeable difference from a non ppgt test drive I'd have to say I would still pay the doubling of price..
  14. Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    Thats seems to be a big step up..did Ford not improve ride and handling with '11-'14..?
  15. Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    Having missed two generations of the mustang(4th&5th), in the fall of 2014 I was wanting to buy one more new mustang and I turned my sights on the 2014 base gt track pack and recaros.. Thought it was perfect timing and it would be the most "bang for buck" was a hard car to find at the...
  16. 2016 mustang gt smoking

    If dealership sold you the extended warranty then its their puppy...don't beat around the bush either..tell them which plug is oil were concerned so you checked it out to see if it was warranty work..
  17. Wow, I didn't realize how much a weighted shift knob would improve the feel of the MT-82!

    That is the exact reason I only used mine for a few weeks..even throwing a towel over it while the car was parked..if the it was a 85° or more day and the window visors in it still was too darn the way mine was aluminum and brass(overkill) and I made myself in the workplace machine...
  18. Original owners group

    George and Ecovert..have to say I feel a bit dumb now that i think about it haha..I should know that you couldn't have a '15-'17 50th grille on a '18 and up..So i guess the corral grille made it back into the newer look with the Pony package huh?
  19. Original owners group that a 50th Anniversary grille there out front?