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  1. Steering sticking when turning left

    For me it was the camber on the left m, front. Ford lied when they did the alignment. They “adjusted” it to -1.6 or so but when they put it back on the rack it was -2.7 in the driver and -1.8 on the passenger. They adjusted it out as far as they could, below -2 and it fixed the issue. I...
  2. Steering sticking when turning left

    I had mine done right after my AirLift install but it also happened before that. I do not know if they reset the steering angle sensor.
  3. Steering sticking when turning left

    It’s pretty scary really.
  4. Steering sticking when turning left

    I have an intermittent problem. When on curvy roads the steering feels like it’s binding or sticking in left hand curves. Only when left. It feels like you turn on Sport mode steering then turn mid turn it goes to comfort then back to sport. Your hand will actually jerk the wheel to the left...
  5. 5th Annual Scenic Stampede, Knoxville, TN - May 13-19, 2019

    Follow it on Facebook! It’ll remind you.
  6. 5th Annual Scenic Stampede, Knoxville, TN - May 13-19, 2019

    The Blue Mustang Registry wants to invite all Mustangs to come cruise the mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains May 13-19, 2019 in Knoxville, TN. We have a 2-stage event this year with the 1st stage beginning in Wytheville, Virginia and ending in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. From there the 2nd...
  7. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    I've had AirLift 3P for a few weeks now and definitely love the improvement. Here are a few thoughts about why I went air over coilovers. 1) I scrape. Even at stock heights I've scraped at a few places locally. I currently have my 3P controller set up with 3 different presets. Above stock...
  8. iPhone bluetooth call - low volume

    Sorry for the delay. Not particularly. It sort of became louder or I became used to it. My wife's Dodge is still notoriously louder.
  9. AirLift - just bought

    Perfect! Very noticeable differences.
  10. AirLift - just bought

    Are the collars a different shape or color to identify new vs old?
  11. AirLift - just bought

    Good deal. I assume since I just bought them it should be new kit.
  12. AirLift - just bought

    Thanks. Any complaints about your setup or "wish I had known" type things?
  13. AirLift - just bought

    I just bought AirLift and wanted to make sure I had everything covered before installing. Here is all I have. Will I need anything else? Stock PP Wheels: Need a 5-6mm wheel spacer for the front to clear collar. Enlarge front strut tower hole for easier access to camber adjustments
  14. Steeda's New S550 Mustang GT Resonator Delete X-Pipe - $124.95

    Steeda logo plate goes up if you look at pipe in instructions BUT it looked pretty universal. The factory resonator goes about 1/2 way into the clamps you see on the front side. I would make sure the front end of the X is about half way into the clamps and mark your back side. You have some...
  15. Steeda's New S550 Mustang GT Resonator Delete X-Pipe - $124.95

    My contribution of sound clips. Waiting for rain to stop to get drive by clips. The phone does make it sound a tad deeper than it really is so keep that in mind.
  16. Pirelli Pzero PP tires 255/40/19 and 275/40/19

    Here are some rough estimates. They're 31 pounds and 27x27x11 each. I need to re-measure on the USPS one because they have some weird calculation on tires I didn't know about. If they are under 108 inches, which my estimates show to be about 103 those prices should be pretty close. I had to put...
  17. Pirelli Pzero PP tires 255/40/19 and 275/40/19

    Try this. Too big to upload here. Tried to capture wear bars.
  18. Pirelli Pzero PP tires 255/40/19 and 275/40/19

    They are still on car. Getting them replaced probably Friday I'll get pics then and I'll consider shipping. I'll have to figure out how and cost. Which ones are you wanting?
  19. Pirelli Pzero PP tires 255/40/19 and 275/40/19

    I have stock PP tires. One of the front ones got punctured and am replacing the whole set. Located in Calhoun, GA. Set of 275/40/19 and have about 5k miles on them. Dealer replaced them in April or so before I bought the car. One 255/40/19 and has 14.5k miles on it that I know of as I...
  20. WTB: 275/40/19 Pirelli PZero 101Y tires in Orlando

    I have a set. I'm about an hour north of Atlanta, GA though. About 5k miles on them, dealer replaced them before I bought the car. Busted a front tire so I'm trying to part out the rest rather than replace the front one.