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  1. corsa, arh headers, gt350 manifold, bmr springs and bushings

    Yes, catless, and performance connect, 3” connection, fits perfectly with Corsa exhaust.
  2. corsa, arh headers, gt350 manifold, bmr springs and bushings

    We do have a “pack and ship” in town. Just the shipping would be $120 to $140, I have no idea what they would charge to package it up. But I am tired of looking at it in my shop. $875 will get it to your door, if you live in the continental USA.
  3. corsa, arh headers, gt350 manifold, bmr springs and bushings

    Yeah, it is. That one is a pick up only, I don’t have a box to ship it in.
  4. corsa, arh headers, gt350 manifold, bmr springs and bushings

    Bmr springs and corsa touring axle back are sold. Rest is still avalible.
  5. corsa, arh headers, gt350 manifold, bmr springs and bushings

    Got some stuff to sell. Gt350 Manifold with mmr throttle body spacer, $750 Sold!!! Arh Headers 1 7/8" with performance 3" connect, 02 extenders and bolts. $900 Sold!!! Sold!!! BMR SP083R springs, handling springs minimum lowering. $220 Brand new Sold!! Thanks Biggsy!! BMR cradle...
  6. Go catless with boost

    Depends on the tune too. My NA coyote lund tune wasn't bad at all, little stinky but hardly noticeable. Now my catless eco f150 with an unleashed tune, that'll burn your eyeballs on cold start. I think the pickup still has the rich start to light the cats.
  7. 2018 GT PP1 M6 high rev lock again ?

    2015 has issues with this? I shift at 7800, and it shifts flawlessly, best shifting trans I've ever owned. Stock fluid and clutch, but I do drive the car at least 10 miles before the beatings begin. Still tempted to try mgw shifter and change the trans oil though. I've heard my clutch is a...
  8. Active Exhaust isn't loud enough, any mods?

    Headers and extreme corsa, I'm not a fan of the sound until the car is up to temp, but after that it sounds good. Windows down, echoing off of buildings, barely on the throttle, shifting at 4000 to 5000 rpms, it's great. Maybe on an auto car, where the rpms are always low, I can kinda see that.
  9. anyone else not like the Base Cloth GT seat? and seating position

    Don't sit in a camaro, you'll love the low seating position. I'm still trying to forget the 1le i drove.
  10. K&N panel filter loose

    My afe dry fit a little tight, which is good, but the raised gasket folded over and tore. I noticed this when doing a filter check, little bit of dust on the clean side of the filter. How is their warranty? I'm not sure I can dig up a proof of purchase, not sure where I bought it.
  11. GT350 or 2015 Z51 Vette

    Heads, cam, and headers will make the Lt1 more exciting. I think I'd just do that to your GS.
  12. BMR Suspension SP083 Handling Springs, REVISED and Better than Ever!

    I will be ordering these springs soon, when the bilsteins for the rear are ready. I think these new springs will be perfect for what I want. I need to take the rear apart again anyway, I've got the old BK049 rear diff poly bushing kit, I need to drill out the diff, and put in a better...
  13. ★ Quiet Down Your Interior in Seconds! - Blockit Pre Cut Sound Deadener - GROUP BUY!

    Very true, we have really crappy roads out here too. I can barely hear my Corsa extreme with catless headers driving down the highway at 75 mph, over the tire roar. Pickup trucks are almost dead silent on the same roads.
  14. Drove the 10 speed finally

    I'm having a hard time with modern cars with manual transmissions, throttle by wire, rev hang, and all the nannies to help you drive a manual transmission have taken the fun out of it. Wide open throttle is about the only enjoyable time shifting my PP car. I use to love just driving, now I...
  15. No Lift Shift - Powershifting 2018

    Loved the movie, but the nickname was given to me by friends. My 1979 Toyota Celica GT had a lot body roll in the corners, sway, and I was 18 and drove like an idiot, a lot. Car had 90 hp, but at least it was rear drive. I like shifting, I really do, I don't powershift, but I shift...
  16. No Lift Shift - Powershifting 2018

    If you "need" no lift shift, go buy an auto.
  17. Am I crazy or just logical?

    I know, even the Chevy guys don't like it as a car. Everybody likes that engine, even the ford boys. But I'm comparing my modded coyote to a stock LT1, and that's not really fair either.
  18. Am I crazy or just logical?

    Yeah, if I was in your shoes, 1LE all the way.
  19. Am I crazy or just logical?

    Yeah, headers and gt350 manifold, love this engine, pulls to the moon.