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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    HoosierDaddy, You are braver than I sir! Bottled water works fine and some better quality TP and a tree in the bush solves the other issue. I would have rather slept in a jail cell than that motel! No wonder you left at 2AM!!!
  2. MMD rear diffuser

    I have this piece installed. The tape it comes with was absolute shit. It was coming off straight out of the box. I replaced the tape with VHB black and also bought a 5 pack of 3m adhesive promoter. The biggest pain is getting the tape applied in one continuous piece without it splitting or...
  3. Anybody ever fall "out of love" with owning your Mustang?

    Op, I seriously think you need a good reminder of what made you buy the car in the first place. The factory exhaust sucks. Change it up for something that livens up the drive. I think you'll almost find excuses to hit red lights just so you can rev up over and over. I avg 18.6 MPG in my car...
  4. ZL1 Addons rock guards for s550 - full instructions with photos

    You can purchase VHB tape and 3M adhesive promoter from amazon. Between those two, you should be able to increase adhesion.
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Unless your paying for your photobucket account, they are no longer allowing your pics to be imbedded.
  6. Gt350 Manifold Help???

    Not from what TeamJDM said. This is dependent on the tuner, obviously.
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    This hotness finally went on. It was a bit of a shock to see how much crap can reside underneath the IM where you can't clean. Power difference is very noticeable, unlike a tune alone. The day got pretty warm, so seeing IAT at 130+ was a bit nauseating. That'll be something I have to get used...
  8. Gt350 Manifold Help???

    Lund, teamjdm, and Beefcake all recommend using the the factory 80mm TB on manual cars because of surge issues. You may just put that back on to correct the issue.
  9. Stock Mustang GT Threw a rod....

    You might try and see what the dealer you've been dealing with can do for you in regards for getting you out of your car and into another.
  10. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    I have driven both. My car being manual and several friends having autos. I'm just not a fan of the auto's. They may have several advantages, but for me, sheer driving excitement never comes with autos. I just feel more involved with a stick shift. Manuals force you to be involved in driving...
  11. Ngauge mounting locations

    I live in TX so I can empathize with the heat issue. I use a window mount. I refuse to give up the already limited number of vents in the car. There is also an A-pillar option. It's not specific to the Ngauge unfortunately, so it will require modifications to get it to fit. The A-pillar is about...
  12. Frame for my vanity plate?

    The simple gloss black one from Auto Zone works pretty damn well. It's fairly minimal and covers the edges without covering the wording on the plate itself.
  13. Just Bought A Lund Tune

    I don't have any real numbers to show. My butt dyno tells me that there is a little something added, but nothing earth shattering. I recieved the tune from Dasan, but I don't know if he made it. I was chatting with John N. before that.
  14. Are Koni Yellows worth the money

    Yup, worth the money!
  15. Just Bought A Lund Tune

    Yes. Other folks here can probably give you more detail on how the Nguage sees knock, but they saw it in all three data logs I did for them. They just recommended I use a different fuel source from now on. I am running 93 octane.
  16. Spare tire kit for those with Brembos! (Performance Pack)

    Any reason not to run a front PP wheel as a spare for the rear as well ? Obviously, tread width is not the same, but wheel height is probably more important and it is just as a temp fix till the blown tire is repaired or replaced ?
  17. Just Bought A Lund Tune

    I just did the same as the Op. Not earth shattering IMO. But, You now have the best system for which to make adjustments to your car when you begin to mod. I've gone back and forth with Lund trying to dial in the tune for my car. The last tune seems to be dead on. I originally had a pedalmax...
  18. Any reviews on slotted and cross drilled rotors from powerstop ?

    Very nice! Please keep us updated if you have any issues. I bought the same Z26 pads and considered just swapping rotors with these instead of having my factory rotors resurfaced. I really like the Zinc coating so I don't have any more issues with rusting hubs.
  19. Any reviews on slotted and cross drilled rotors from powerstop ?

    Yes, on the Rear. Firestone Firehawk up front.