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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    definitely looking for feedback. I originally sought it out because I lifted the wiper before actually reading the manual and scraped the hood. now you’ve definitely got me thinking I should just get the hood repainted.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the CerviniGT500 style hood on my GT350. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. I’m a big fan of modifying cars to be your own and I’ve done a bit to ensure my GT350 is mine such as adding white accents all around the vehicle. When buying the hood I had no intention in trying to...
  3. Ceratec Liqui Moli - Throttle Tick

    I have a 2016 GT350 at 6600 miles. I bought it with 3200. I’ve been bothered by a tick that occurs when the throttle position is between 5-10% depressed but goes away when truly accelerating. Now I’m aware that this particular issue is common in the 5.0 and that GT owners will use Ceratec...
  4. New headers and hood

    I actually read your story on another post and thought “boy this won’t happen to me” Here I am... They say no refunds for painted products but at this time I feel it’s unreasonable and I think I’m gonna try for a refund.
  5. New headers and hood

    Fun fact. I ordered the GT500 hood for my GT350. Last year. December. It took 10 weeks to ship (almost double their estimated ship time). It arrived damaged. They said they would get a hood out to be in two weeks. Three weeks later they told me it would ship on that Friday. It’s been two...
  6. Be EXCEPTIONALLY CAREFUL about what you mention online right now...

    Fair enough. What I was attempting to say was it is not an “off road” pipe which is what is currently being attacked. To make no effort or to completely circumvent the effort is the egregious act the government is currently eyeing.
  7. Will a 2018-2021 Key Fob work on a 2015-2017?

    I actually LOVE push button start. Cold starts are so much better with push button. Feel more immediate.
  8. Wisconsin WTB GT350 Carbon Fiber Dash / GT350R Splitter

    Highly doubt I’ll find them here but please let me know if you have a GT350 Carbon Fiber Dash / GT350R splitter in good condition. Definitely willing to buy. Let me know!
  9. Be EXCEPTIONALLY CAREFUL about what you mention online right now...

    Being environmentally conscious and being a car enthusiasts should not be mutually exclusive. I get 13 miles to the gallon in my GT350 with e85. I get 17 in my 06’ GT with Long Tubes. In both situations I left on the cats and tried to follow the laws laid down by the federal government. The...
  10. Airbox Snorkel

    Where did you order the air box from? Price? Part number?
  11. Will a 2018-2021 Key Fob work on a 2015-2017?

    For those who ever have this question again: the answer is yes.
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    In the past week on my 350 I’ve... Installed JLT CAI Installed Ford Performance Passenger Catch Can Installed a 2019 Swing Wing and Gurney Flap Installed a 2019 Leather Wrapped Center Console Installed Zimcraft White Letters / Snake Vinyls Installed Diode Dynamics LED Lighting in Trunk / Glove...
  13. Sync 3.x - Carplay wireless

    Just bought this. Works great. Will pick another one for the SOs car.
  14. Will a 2018-2021 Key Fob work on a 2015-2017?

    I have a 2016 Key Fob and the damned thing keeps popping open due to how long it is and the silver piece the ring attaches to keeps falling out. I know the newer s550s come with a smaller key fob. Does anyone know if it could be programmed to work with a 2016?
  15. Carbon Composite Radiator Core Support 2019+

    This is correct! I am simply looking at adding the core support so that way I can do the hood pins. That being said I’m also looking for the cover that goes over the support shown in this picture someone else too. If I’m correct the core support does not come with that. Am I mistaken?
  16. Carbon Composite Radiator Core Support 2019+

    Does anyone have the part number for the Carbon Composite Core Support for a 2019+ GT350? I’m looking to do hood pins in my 2016 and I would love to use the factory mounting locations. Is there anything else I’d need to acquire to make this work that you’re aware of? Thanks in advance!
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Not sure if it’s your hood or your bumper but there is a weird line where they meet. I ordered the hood myself for the GT350. Hoping it’s your bumper.
  18. Best GT500 Style Spoiler?

    I’d encourage you to go OEM. I managed to buy an entire 2019 GT350 trunk lid with spoiler for $400. With a little elbow grease and some preparation you can transplant the spoiler into your own vehicle. Worked well! Just gotta be patient and look out for them.
  19. Why no configurator?

    Source? That’d be awesome but from what I heard Ford is phasing out manuals as autos have long sense surpassed even the best driver mod. That being said, I just like them. I bought a 350 because the 500 was auto DCT. I know I’m in a minority but I’d never use it to actually go racing. I just...
  20. Let's Talk GT350R Splitters - Genuine Ford FR3Z-17D957-AC? KOHR GT4 Style? Anderson CF? CF Clone? Replica OE is junk.

    Great write up! I’ve got a standard 350 and I’ve always liked the look of the R splitter. The 1.5k price tag is a hard sell but I may do it down the road. Do you currently have an R and want it replaced or a non-R and are just looking for the R splitter? Is it considered passé to have an R...