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  1. Convertible Windscreen alternative, courtesy of Audi!

    Replied. This for now. I'm looking to buy a dealership/performance/customization shop and if so will get an entire fleet of fun toys to drive.
  2. Convertible Windscreen alternative, courtesy of Audi!

    Thought I'd post here before selling mine another way. I'm the guy who posted how-to with measurements for the Audi screen. I've sold my car and will happily sell my windscreen. Its in Excellent condition with OEM bag. PM me if you want 1 at a reasonable price.
  3. VMPPerformance swaps a GT500 engine into a manual Mustang GT

    What a waste of time and effort.
  4. Oil leak - self-inflicted

    So like many of you I changed my own oil and filter on my 2018 Mustang. Despite having several oil filter wrenches in my garage I did not have the 14 flute type. With the space available my strap wrench was not very effective. So I went with hand tight and about 1/8th with the strap wrench...
  5. Motor trend track test

    Seems like everyone missed the track alignment on the CFTP. In a recent C8 track test they dropped over 2 seconds just doing the track alignment. Tires, another 2+ seconds. Skip the CFTP, put on your track wheels/tires/alignment and it's drivers race. Or if you have the money and want the...
  6. 275/40/R19 winter tires??

    You will be fine, no issues.
  7. Anyone seen a new Supra

    Yes, 80 miles from anywhere, deep in the twisty backroads of Missouri where we go to play on our sportbikes. Props to the driver finding a proper playground for a sports car.
  8. It's that time of year for tire swaps

    Yes, Summer set-up is Project 6GR 7 spoke 19x10 square in brushed silver. Winter are the black performance pack staggered wheels, 19x9.9 and 19x9.5.
  9. Could you imagine a Mustang built with forum members input?

    Crowd detector - Automatically cuts power to 20% when near anyone on sidewalk. Down to 10% when also detects car show, enthusiast gathering, or cars/coffee event in area.
  10. It's that time of year for tire swaps

    They are amazing tires. If I didn't have 2 sets of wheels I could be happy with just the AS/3.
  11. It's that time of year for tire swaps

    Off with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s summer wheels/tires, on with the Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3. Temps in the 30s this week.
  12. 10R80 Transmission

    I didnt have a problem with smooth. I had a problem with DSG not acting like the performance transmission as advertised. Not holding gear near redline is inexcusable. It was a 2013. Sure, you can flash...and run severe risk of voiding powertrain warranty. Audi's are too fragile to take that chance.
  13. 10R80 Transmission

    True story about Audi's vaunted but POS DSG which I had in my S4. It had 2 engine protection modes I hated and feel are inexcusable in a performance car. The first, on fast starts, it would short shift the 2-3 shift by about 2k RPM. Second, and even worse for track, in manual mode it would not...
  14. Let's talk about the C8 vs the GT500

    Keep in mind, tests are on pre-production models. Plenty of time for GM to continue to tweak things. Aftermarket will take care of anything GM does not.
  15. Convertible top maintenance

    Yes, completely understood and fair point. In other threads there are questions about the brush method versus 2 coats of spray which is more inline with manufacturers application recommendation. Im just providing advice to make things easier for those who stick with spray.
  16. Convertible top maintenance

    If you are spending more than 10 minutes masking/protecting you are doing it wrong. Just trap thin plastic under top, add couple pieces to side/back and mask rear window.
  17. 911 vs GT350 Motortrend: Which is the Better All-Around Sports Car?

    Embarrassing GT350 if those lap times are correct...has to be a typo.
  18. Convertible vs Coupe performance

    Im betting it's a drivers race up to 70mph or so, with the added weight of the vert offset by more traction. After that, the coupe gains a significant aero advantage and walks. Unless as noted before 18+ vs 15-17 in which case it takes the older car quite a distance to catch up.
  19. GT350 vs Supra / M2 Comp / 718 Cayman Review -- C&D Article Oct 2019

    And pehaps most important for track day guys, the cooling!
  20. GT350 vs Supra / M2 Comp / 718 Cayman Review -- C&D Article Oct 2019

    There's a few cars left out that would nicely fit the criteria.