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  1. Ford extended warranty

    i have the same coverage never used it though
  2. auto finesse

    auto finesse is having a 40% off sale plus free shipping over 50 ive been told their products and waxes are decent any opinions ?
  3. A.M. - Now using a slower shipping method

    i dont think thats an american muscle thing ups has done that outsourcing to usps for years its a luck of the draw type of thing
  4. discount code

    looking at some suspension parts anyway i can get the forum discount code?
  5. Back To A Mustang!

    well im shopping dealers central and northern florida even koons ford and somehow the best deal ive gotten so far is what i posted im not saying impossible just rare and a good deal is now a crappy deal due to the amazing deals that get posted every once in a while
  6. Back To A Mustang!

    its tough atleast in my area im about ready to bite on a black pp1 base car with 301a and 10 speed sticker is 44315 dealer wants 43920 out the door this includes tax and all fees including gap insurance with 0 apr for 72 months so im leaving about 3k in rebates on the table but the zero apr save...
  7. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    seems like no dealers want to play ball everyone seems to say its their lowest price which is crazy as ive literally told another dealer im not an idiot and know they wont offer their lowest price straight up ive just about given up and have decided ill just have to wait sucks to cause i fell in...
  8. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    imagine rolling in three deep into the dealer yo we here to buy the whole dealer
  9. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    base gt, 10 speed , 3.55 gears , 301a. 3 of us so far lol lets do it
  10. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    ive been talking to brandon ford have an otd price of 41k on a 43k sticker car they wont budge
  11. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    i agree but im curious how hard it would be to negotiate with them over the phone i just called waiting for a call back for an out the door price
  12. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    im thinking i should be at 40k out the door
  13. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    well original deal fell through and i was offered 45k out the door on this car with 0% apr for 72 months on this car i feel that is high any opinions ?
  14. finally getting back into a mustang maybe

    so about a year and half ago i was carjacked, needless to say car was recovered but totaled which sucked as i was almost done paying off the car. between starting a new career where i have a take home vehicle and dealing with the stress associated with everything ive been out of a mustang but...
  15. Warranty alternative for everybody TUNED

    best part about this is if you plan on keeping your car past the 5 years or if you plan to mod after the warranty is gone you have coverage for an extra two years and peace of mind anyways after warranty is normally when things start to break especially the ac
  16. 6r80 strange whine

    bump hoping for some insight
  17. 6r80 Winding sound slowing down

    anyway you can post a video of the sound also check if its only happening in 6th gear and try light throttle acceleration you and i might have the same issue i get a very faint winding sound when accelerating in 6th gear between 1000-1500 rpm and its there when im off the gas slowing down as...
  18. 6r80 strange whine

    im having an issue lately my car is a 2015 mustang gt with the 6r80 transmission, and 3.55 rear end option. ive noticed for quite some time that im getting a very faint hum/whine sound. at first i noticed it only on the hwy between 50-65 mph, it was only audible when accelerating but after some...
  19. Oem brake pads

    Time to replace the brake pads on my gt eith regular 4 piston brakes what do you guys recommend i dont track or race the car its a daily driver oem replacement seems a little expensive at 90 bucks for the pair would what do you guys recommend btw im happy with the life and oerformance i got from...
  20. What should i list for

    only real aftermarket parts are the wheels and springs exhaust came on the car dealer installed its on the window sticker everything else is oem upgrades such as the premium rear valance and pp front lip