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  1. Vortech on lowered motors

    No room without some cutting. I'm going through this with my procharger too.
  2. Double Race Red Journal

    I wanted to do the Sync Swap in my GT but now I'm just going to do a big pioneer or similar unit and avoid all the headaches. When the wife's Exploder doesn't have a warranty it'll get traded for another new car. I never want to deal with trash like this. lol
  3. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    I almost have the entire Steeda catalog under my car including the Road Race K-member so I know.
  4. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    While I’m down with Steeda, I think the lower brace tackles a different issue than the shock towers moving. ...maybe it will fill the gap in feel so much you’d never be able to tell, idk. I don’t think it’s a replacement so much as just something else to buy.
  5. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    Some people claim of clearance issues when they lower the motor 3/4" but I didn't have that issue. No one TMK, has ever proved what it hits either so that makes me believe they are just wahmen who don't like NVH.
  6. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    The factory strut bar is also stamped steel so if you're froggy enough, you can use a press to slightly compress the rolled edges to give slightly more clearance.
  7. HALP! Strut Tower Brace No Go!

    I fit the tall Boss manifold under the Strut bar with Steeda MM's utilizing a 3/4" drop. BMR also makes a Engine side bracket that lets you lower the engine 1/2" and keep the stock MM's. I have both working together but mostly for clearance. Also, Here is a nut that allows you to use a...
  8. Whipple install easier than Procharger?

    6 in one hand, Half Dozen in the other. Whipple people say Whipple things.
  9. Procharger D1X is looing very good to me.

    What kind of Gurlyman doesn't want over 1k hp? lol
  10. Procharger D1X is looing very good to me.

    I'm building a street and HPDE car and I still chose the D1x. I'm keeping the 3:73's and that blower power range is perfect for all around fun. When or if I get around to T56 swapping it, it'll be even more fun on the track and tame on the street. Always start with the biggest blower you...
  11. Dual fuel hat

    That's a lot of pennies for 2 pumps.
  12. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    Looks like fun. Be safe. I'm assuming you have the Steeda front crash bar. How do you guys have your tow loop mounted? (I have the steeda bar, so I'm thinking of solutions.)
  13. Solve Tramlining & Increase Steering Response On Your S550/GT350!

    Chris is killin it. Another great video!
  14. GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    So far Boundary had the greatest gap at .007 but comparing directly to the MMR's might be Apples to oranges because the boundary's are for Coyote/Voodoo and the MMR's are for the Predator. I'll get the other half of the measurements this week. I'm not sure of the needed specs for each. These...
  15. Rear license plate mounting

    Stop watching Obsessed Garage and mount the plate.
  16. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    Contact Jarad on FB. He'll make it right if the fault isn't yours.
  17. How many 1000+ RWHP Whipple cars do we have ?

    Where was this kit when I ordered my whipple from the other guys? lol Damn it.
  18. GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    My OPG's arrived damaged today so they are sending me a replacement set. That pushes it all out another week. I swear this car is like Christine but instead of killing people it's killing my dreams. lol The car is anti-social and doesn't want to come out of the garage.
  19. GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    Maybe he meant to say something else? It was a short conversation.
  20. GT500 Oil Pan HV Pump M-6675-M52S

    I ended up ordering OPG's and they'll be here tomorrow. I really didn't want to but I guess as many people said, it is too big of a risk to take for such a low price. After finally getting through to Ford Performance, he said there was no substantial negatives to run this pump with GT oil...