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  1. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    We've already addressed this. The GT350 is indeed more expensive; Ford does not market a "track car" at the GT/SS price point. The GT350 is also faster, so you get what you pay for.
  2. Blown CV joint?

    I'm out of warranty, but am gonna go ahead and get a whole new halfshaft. Looking at my options, I don't think I need an 800hp axle. I haven't done it yet, but the most I'll do to this car power-wise will be headers and a tune. I was going to order a "new" take-off rear axle with zero miles on...
  3. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    That's true. Ford does not market a "track car" at the same entry price as Chevy. However, the GT350 is faster than the SS, so you get what you pay for as far as price is concerned.
  4. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    The Camaro is a super sport, and to my knowledge its warranty even covers on-track use. The Mustang is a grand tourer and is not warranted for track use. The GT350 is Ford's track car.
  5. My GT350R will likely be my last Ford car.

    That's literally illegal. Warranty coverage cannot be denied unless they can prove you (or something else) caused the damage.
  6. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    Let me preface my comment by first stating that I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, Ford is not selling the PP1 or PP2 GT's with the intent that they be viewed as street legal track cars, they're being sold with the intent that they be seen as high performance street vehicles you can toss...
  7. Dash Cam - 2018 Mustang GT PP

    I've got a Thinkware F800 Pro with front/rear cameras. It's got better night vision than the Blackvue and the app is MUCH better (it categorizes recordings instead of just displaying them all together).
  8. Blown CV joint?

    Heard some intermittent clicking, got under the car to try and find the source and found a spray of what looks like gear lube in a circular pattern around the joint (see imgur link - it it wouldn't let me directly upload the picture here). Can this be repaired? Or am I gonna need a new half...
  9. Guess what? Motortrend favors the Camaro again

    Exactly. I'd put money on 99% of owners never tracking their car in the first place, even with the PP2 or 1LE package. They're for bragging rights and day to day driving fun. I would have zero interest in spending thousands of dollars on packages to make the car a second or two faster around a...
  10. 1/4" spacers too thick for stock studs?

    Wheel spacers are already inexpensive, why are you trying to cheap out on them even further? Just get the ones that come with their own studs. American Muscle has one-inch hub-centric spacers with their own studs, I've got em on all four corners with the stock wheels.
  11. Looking for a 2018 GT (opinions)

    Where did you get the digital dash from? Did you do the work yourself?
  12. Request for Response RPI Designs

    I responded yesterday.
  13. Request for Response RPI Designs

    Big surprise, nobody ever called me back yesterday. This is over a week of trying to get some kind of answer, and after I finally get someone on the phone yesterday she apparently just said whatever she could to get me off the phone as quick as possible. At this point I would compare RPI's...
  14. Request for Response RPI Designs

    I am requesting that an RPI rep message me - I am having problems with an order I placed weeks ago (which hasn't even shipped yet and now the order status is blank) and NOBODY at RPI will answer or return my calls or emails (I've been trying for a week). Edit: After calling 7 additional times...
  15. Off topic but how to deal with neighbour?

    I'm not sure I understand - are you saying the neighbor mowed their backyard (ie. just grass), or are you saying he mowed their backyard and in that yard was a garden (e.g. a vegetable garden or flower garden) which he also mowed over and destroyed? If the former, and all the neighbor did was...
  16. Is this some kind of shift assist tech, or just an engine I'm not used to?

    I'm not sure tbh, I've just seen multiple threads having discussed getting rid of the rev hang by tuning it out.
  17. Is this some kind of shift assist tech, or just an engine I'm not used to?

    Exactly. That stupid rev hang honestly think the shifting characteristics of the car, I can't wait to get tuned and get rid of it.
  18. Horn stopped working

    On my lunch break today I was able to check the fuses, and they were fine. I checked both the horn fuse and the horn relay. I spoke to a guy at work about it and he guessed it was potentially gonna be the horn itself. He actually pointed out where it was located in the driver's side of the...
  19. Horn stopped working

    As the title states, my horn recently stopped working. I noticed it two days ago when I went to lock my car. The horn will not sound when I hit the button in the steering wheel, nor will it work when I double click the key fob lock button. Before I completely lose my patience with this car...