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  1. Fan squeal?

    Mine chirps a time or 2 on shutdown every once in a while. I’ve read that there is an issue with the left fan bearing and that Ford knows about it but doesn’t have a fix as of yet.
  2. Torn between 19 inch wheels and 20 inch wheels

    I’ve got the 20” foundry wheels. I like their appearance much better than a 19” wheel. I think it gives a more aggressive look.
  3. Can't take the clunks! Questions for those that have gone 6R80

    This. Especially in the 2-1 downshift when slowing to a stop. It’s not always there but shows up from time to time. Downshifts during spirited driving can also clunk sporadically and almost always upset/drag the chassis. Even worse than the dsg I had in my TDi, and that didn’t even rev match...
  4. What is it about the 2018 mustang GT that gives it the sub 4 0-60?

    I thought it was the all new digital dash
  5. Brake Squeal When Turning

    Thanks but I’m none PP and my build date is a few days after affected TSB date.
  6. Brake Squeal When Turning

    So, last night I had the windows down and heard what sounded like brake squeal, but only when turning and it would continue for a few hundred feet after accelerating out of the corner. It would also squeal if I jerked the wheel to the right real quick, like avoiding roadkill. I brought the car...
  7. Is Mustang a good motivator?

    I’m an entry level aerospace engineer, and yes, having a nice car in general is a stress reliever. Putting in work to earn the car makes working hard easier/more rewarding as well.
  8. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    Lol, I’m 25 and this sounds just like me. I’ve had 11 cars in 9 years and every single one I was convinced would be 1000% better than the previous. I think I’ve learned my lesson, also the hard way, that that is typically not the case.
  9. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    In drive mode, the auto is sluggish, as it should be. Even in sport mode without the paddles the programming seems a little indecisive on gear choice and can feel laggy at times. Put the car in sport+ or track mode with the paddles though, and things start getting more interesting. While I...
  10. 6R80 Shift Times

    Either one. I’ve had a VW dsg and even though the shift happens in just a few milliseconds, the time it took from initiating the shift was forever. It was a TDI, but still. I was more or less looking for the time it took from paddle click to power on in desired gear. If a shift time is posted...
  11. 15 auto trade for manual?

    My fault, I was thinking US sales. I just looked and production numbers for US say 80.3% of 2015 Mustangs and GT’s are auto. For U.K. sales, it is 47% so you are absolutely correct.
  12. 15 auto trade for manual?

    Agreed. I’ve alternated manual and auto my last 4 cars because I get sick of each one after a while.
  13. 15 auto trade for manual?

    Right around 80% of all mustangs sold are auto, even GT’s, so there are plenty of people who want to drive an automatic.
  14. 15 auto trade for manual?

    Well yeah, of course driving in video games is not the same as real life but the paddles make it feel more video game like.
  15. 6R80 Shift Times

    I read online that the new 10 speed actually shifts faster than a Porsche PDK. That’s what got me wondering how far behind the 6R80 is.
  16. 15 auto trade for manual?

    I had a 2005 1.8T GTI before this car and I definitely miss banging gears from time to time. I’m 25 though and having played Forza for so many years (super pumped for Forza 7) and pretty much worshiping the GTR and it’s paddle shifters, I love finally having a car with them. I can control...
  17. 6R80 Shift Times

    With the new 10 speed coming out, I am curious to know what the shift times are on the 6R80 to compare. Paddle shifting seems to give pretty quick, firm shifts. Obviously the new 10 speed will be much quicker but I wonder how much. I’ve done some research and haven’t found anything online.
  18. How long do you plan on keeping your Mustang for?

    Until I can afford a Charger Scat Pack.
  19. 15 auto trade for manual?

    Do you ever use the paddle shifters? That’s almost exclusively what I do: vehicle on, shifter to sport, toggle to sport +, then paddle down for full manual. If it didn’t have the paddle shifters, there’d be no way I would get the auto. I kinda wish I would have gotten a manual but for me I...
  20. Insurance did NOT raise as much as I expected

    I'm 25 also. GEICO cut every other company's rates by about 50% when I did searching. I pay about $100 per month for my GT, with zero traffic accidents or violations and good grades discount.