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  1. GT350 Cutting Into Motorcycling Time

    I'm easily old enough to remember a new RC30 sitting in a local dealer's showroom for well over a year. I had plenty of desire but not enough cash to buy it at the time. A few years ago, I had a chance to take an extended ride on an RC30 while on a bike trip to the North Georgia and Western...
  2. GT350 Cutting Into Motorcycling Time

    As the GT350 has cut into your riding time, you'll probably want to get rid of that old, raggedy, worn out Honda with the funny paint job. Even though my GT350 has also limited my time on the three motorcycles sitting in my garage, I could probably find room for one more.
  3. Car and Driver - GT350 Long Term Test Wrap Up After 40k Miles

    My guess is that it is wide-angle lens distortion.You see the same effect on the vertical building lines.
  4. Filter wrench supplement arrived!

    Has anyone actually tried to use the wrench? There wasn't enough room to fit my shortest 22mm socket and ratchet to turn the new wrench in place. I used a 22mm box wrench on it to remove the old filter, but I didn't have a way to use a torque wrench to install the new filter. Maybe a crows...
  5. Socket Size for OEM Lug Nuts

    13/16" was the closest fit I could find in my tool chest.
  6. If you guys wanna see how the GT350 performs at the track...

    Nice video. I've run Road Atlanta on a motorcycle and it was a lot of fun. Is yours a base, track pack or tech? Any limp mode issues?