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  1. After these basic mods, what would you do next?

    power adder,see above and IMO the catback is half a job without headers
  2. "Let's be reasonable. We can't do that."

    I always do my own oil changes ,its not something the dealer does well IMO anyway. Its always the new guy doing the work anyway so Im good
  3. Built short block rpg

    Its only money..
  4. Procharger + Nitrous

    I would rather have a bigger blower than to spray on top of a blower ,you better know how to tune thats all I have to say
  5. Built short block rpg

    manley is a good company but those rods were prone to cracking under boost I would opt for billet if you plan to have a power adder
  6. Reliability after supercharging

    I have had a Whipple on my car since 2016 or approx 5 years ,no issues Toss a new belt on about every year since they tend to squeek over time
  7. Top Speed?

    The door windows pop out at 140 so .....Hood lifts at 150 or so.. LOL
  8. Best drop-in speakers?

    I added Polks to my GT and F150,it was a big improvement over stock but they wont get loud and no bass
  9. Head gasket help/advice

    pics help.. I would upgrade to an MLS type gasket if possible on any power adder engine.
  10. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    I test drove both,the S550 was not only cooler looking it rode better and felt less cheap
  11. I weighed my Mustangs

    2015-2020 overweight....Imagine the fun we could have and the gas we could save if we were at 3200 pounds which is IMO where a car should be
  12. Do all 1 piece driveshafts vibrate?

    There was a time when all driveshafts were one piece (and I wish they still were) and there was never a vibration issue . These aftermarket versions are real hit or miss I am still on the OEM 2 piece but am looking to add on a one piece next month when the sales pop out is still a roll of the...
  13. Steeda 2 G-Trac Brace does not fit with Ultimate Headers LT headers

    I have headers and it was not a problem,not even close .I guess it all depends on brand of header you own .
  14. Rokblokz Splash Gaurds

    There are a few brands out there,mine are on my car for years and use no look around,you want to be able to pop them off at wash time
  15. I broke down and bought a spare tire kit-ugh

    id rather carry a plug kit
  16. Ford is now referring to he Mach-e as "The Mustang" in its ads.

    Nothings perfect but if you stuck with it you came out on top... member march when the market hit 19000 and now it 29000
  17. Coyote Stroker Kits

    Its still too small......Id love to see a version of this engine with 427 CID and have some arm in t
  18. Ford is now referring to he Mach-e as "The Mustang" in its ads.

    This could be the end of the line for Mustangs as gassers . I hate to say it but EV is dominating the stock markets and with all that capital flowing its only a matter of time before our S550s become classics LOL. On the flip side, EV can run circles around anything on gas and a simple Tesla is...
  19. Ford is now referring to he Mach-e as "The Mustang" in its ads.

    I have no problem with the car,EV is the future but it needs its own identity and name badge