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    maybe but you could add coolers and all and get your PP2 up to a Mach 1 for much less than a Mach 1.

    The plastic rivets are available online for much less. I posted the dimensions someplace in these forums.
  3. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    The LT from end is bearable but the cheek guard look on the refreshed SS is just ugly. Only the ZL1 looks good. but who can afford them? They should have taken the ZL1 , tamed it down , and put that on the SS. I think they came out with the LT as a way to make up lost sales because of all the...
  4. Which Car Cover?

    That is funny b/c the Noah from Covercraft is touted as waterproof. There is a difference between the cover billowing and dust coming under from the wind. I have never seen anything get through the cover so far other than when it is wind driven.
  5. Which Car Cover?

    I have a Covercraft Noah and like its construction but I think it was just discontinued/replaced. Some feel that it fits too loose but I am fine with the fit. If you search, you can find me photos of the car covered. I purchased the extra front and back cover keepers to help prevent the cover...

    Anyone have RokBlox mud flaps on their car? I do. I seem to be getting some debris stuck between the fender and the mud flap. Anyone else have this going on? What did you do to stop it?
  7. Mach 1 fender flares

    I agree they are pricey but, more importantly, do they do anything? I wonder if they help keep the rock chipping down. Not sure if I would add them to my PP2. As for fitting, I would think they would only fit models post refresh due to the front changes. Good luck making it work.
  8. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    yeah, you hit almost anything and that $100K for other people's property goes away real fast and you are left responsible for the rest. I do not recall but I think I have $500K or $1M but this is NY and everything is expensive to hit. Then again, I only pay $1600/yr for the GT.
  9. A word of advice

    I was looking at Lloyd carpeted floor mats and from the gallery photos, they do have holes for keeping the carpet in place I will assume they all do since I only found photos for this one and I am not sure the year.
  10. A word of advice

    may I ask who manufactured those?
  11. NewEgg now has Automotive parts and supplies

    Anyone else see this: Newegg sells auto parts and supplies.
  12. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    FF, So you ARE saying the same thing all of us are saying. We want to make sure this guy learns or at least recognizes that the accidents are really his fault and to drive more responsibly and that if he doesn't, someone is going to get hurt, either himself or others. You had the luck of a...
  13. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    When you compare what we drove to now, things were very different. Today, cars have too much power for the average Joe. In the middle 70's through the 80's, we had the gas crisis and emissions control and that neutered everything. Even the late 80's and early 90's, a fast car was slower than...
  14. PP2 Registry

    NO, The only parts you left from the PP2 are what, the wheels, sway bars, the magneride and Brembos that were also tuned for the PP2 setup. The car in total was tuned as a whole. You cannot change anything in a suspension without throwing something out of balance. The spring, rear spoiler...
  15. A word of advice

    Thanks for doing the test. Good to know. We should add a "In case of an emergency" sticky thread and put good stuff like this in it.
  16. PP2 Registry

    interesting build. all the best. Besides magnaride, you basically removed all the bits that made this a PP2. Why not get a base GT for far less and mod that instead?
  17. Jack / Jack Stands ?

    I hope you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews or at least a neighborhood kid to pass your knowledge and tools on to. Would be a terrible shame to lose it.
  18. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    Here are some light reading which I got by Googling "teen killed in Mustang"
  19. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    May I speak as an adult here. You have very little driving experience and already totaled a Mustang. You are not even 18. Do you think you are mature enough for the car? Are you really able to handle that much power? I just want to keep you safe. Next time, you could be injured or dead...
  20. Did I just f*ck up??

    I bet you get all nervous, OP, when the guy ahead of you select 87 on a single hose pump!! That hose is full of 87. Oh no!!!!