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  1. I hate people who think they are special

    I sympathize with you in the sense that I’d almost rather have my car totaled than get a door nick, so I get it. But I will say that unless you are a guy who is obviously such a bad ass that nobody will ever fool with you, then you made a bad mistake confronting the guy in front of his friends...
  2. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I haven’t read this whole thread but at 71 I’m probably one of the oldest guys here. My Rapid Red convertible came with black 19” wheels and some kind of a blackout trim package. Maybe the wheels are part of the blackout package, I don’t remember. I didn’t order it that way and probably...
  3. Order submitted today GT premium.

    Wow, that’s hard to make compute. The chip shortage has severely curtailed production and they’re desperate to sell one of their most popular models at 5% less than they paid for it? I can’t image Ford has put big dealer incentives on the car at this point, so it’s certainly a mystery to me!
  4. Order submitted today GT premium.

    Under invoice or do you mean under sticker?
  5. Having some A10 weirdness

    Good Lord man, what a resource! Thanks more than you know both for pointing it out to me now and creating it in the first place.
  6. Having some A10 weirdness

    Thanks, this helps. Does it matter that I had it in Sport+ mode? I should have said that. I’ve never driven it in any other mode except for an occasional pull in drag strip mode.
  7. Having some A10 weirdness

    After 1300 miles I generally love the 10-speed. The only quirk has been that to get it to downshift into 1st from 2nd or 3rd you have to actually stop the car and keep it stopped for a fraction of a second. No biggie, given that it has upshifted beautifully Up till now. So yesterday I noticed...
  8. What's The Difference??

    Vlad, you are exactly right. And, when I disable ESC in my vehicle it does say ”AdvanceTrac off”. But that’s it! Nowhere in the sections on TC or ESC can this be found. I think you’re right; Ford is looking to get themselves sued over this. Something this important to vehicle control should be...
  9. What's The Difference??

    OK. I’ve read it once again. There is nowhere in the 2020 Mustang owner’s manual where the word “AdvanceTrac” appears. I would respectfully challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I think this must be a vestige of an earlier year that people just hang on to, but it’s not there in 2020. Not trying...
  10. What's The Difference??

    I very much appreciate that explanation, thank you. If it's mentioned at all in my 2020 owner's manual I've completely missed it and I've looked pretty hard. Wouldn't be the first time I've missed something but I'd bet heavily it isn't there. I haven't tried holding the TC button for 5...
  11. What's The Difference??

    I’ve said this before but other than seeing it on these pages I’d have no clue what Advance Trac even is. It is not mentioned anywhere in the owner’s manual for my 2020 GT premium. The manual only references TC and ESC. If you guys are talking about something that has been changed to a different...
  12. I must be doing something wrong?

    i guess I’m lucky. We usually are out for a pretty day drive around two hours and I’ll maybe do a hard dig once or twice. All she asks is that I give her some warning. Last weekend she looked over at me casually and asked “is that what y’all call a fishtail?”.
  13. Chitty-Chitty-Bang! Bang! to Purring Like Miss Kitty

    Based on your pics, in your case nothing at all. It couldn’t be better. On my ‘20 GT however it is completely obscured by the strut tower brace both visually and to the hand. Couldn’t have been more poorly thought out.
  14. Chitty-Chitty-Bang! Bang! to Purring Like Miss Kitty

    Yeah I couldn’t believe it the first time I simply went to check the oil. They couldn’t have hidden the dipstick any better or made it harder to access if they had put an engineering team on the task. I can only imagine actually changing the oil and filter.
  15. Really Long Service Wait

    No, but I have traded over a door nick.
  16. Traction control on or off when you're in Drag Strip mode?

    You would think so, but it doesn't mention it in the manual and there's no visual confirmation with the lights on the dash.
  17. Traction control on or off when you're in Drag Strip mode?

    Thanks, this is pretty much what I'm experiencing right down to the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts.
  18. Traction control on or off when you're in Drag Strip mode?

    My concern is that I can’t figure out if drag mode is supposed to turn off TC or not in the first place. The TC “off” light doesn’t come on in drag mode like it does in track mode. I haven’t been able to get an answer out of Ford yet but sooner or later I will, even if I have to escalate it to...
  19. Traction control on or off when you're in Drag Strip mode?

    So I re-evaluated yesterday on a much nicer day. Found a stretch of deserted road that allowed me to run it all the way to the top of 3rd gear (with 3.15s). Used Drag Strip mode both with TC on and TC off. I could tell absolutely no difference in anything the car did either way. None. So maybe...
  20. 2020 GT PP1 spoiler delete option question

    Let me get this right. You bought a new car configured a certain way with full knowledge regarding said configuration. And now you want Ford to provide you with an item that wasn’t part of that that configuration free of charge. Do you want them to paint and install it too? I apologize if I’m...