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  1. Driver Side Rear Parking Brake Spring (how to reinstall it)???

    Gotcha! Makes your wonder how the thing came off, with the amount of tension you need to put it back in.
  2. Driver Side Rear Parking Brake Spring (how to reinstall it)???

    Did you end up using a vice? I have the same issue, spring came loose when swapping out pads and rotors.
  3. Sound System Upgrade for Base Model 2016 GT

    I installed this in my Gt It was a noticeable improvement. I'm sure you can do better for $700 but it was plug and play, very to self install.
  4. unable to find 2018+ ngauge for sale - any replacements?

    RTD is your next best best. Ngauge went out of business.
  5. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    The ps4s did not come in a lot of sizes at launch, they added more later. I would not be surpised if they did the same for the AS4.
  6. ngauge out of business??

    is that really that latest firmware? On lunds website they are on 326
  7. Maryland 2016 GT OEM 18” Base Wheels and Tires

    If he does not respond i have a set with about 7k miles on them. That i could sell.
  8. Maryland Corsa extreme 3" catback 15-17 OR 18+

    do you have the black tips still or did you sell all of it?
  9. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    I love my AS4 tires had them put on last September. It was able to handle snow covered roads pretty well although not as good as the x ice 3s i have.
  10. I did it, 2020 F150 intake manifold on a GT

    On what car/ truck? Im guessing that was tested on a 15-17 gt?
  11. Water spot removal

    I would do the spot remover, using vss removes clear coat.
  12. Quad exhaut lower valence for 15-17

    I have corsa extremes, install was pretty easy.
  13. Quad exhaut lower valence for 15-17

    Nope i have a base car, and i have it installed.
  14. Quad exhaut lower valence for 15-17

    You can just buy this
  15. Water spot removal

    Claybar or spot remover from chemical guys or from the guys that make ONR.
  16. Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    I had to slightly pull the bracket to get it to line up. I think That "L" has a curve to it to mount flush to the diffuser. Either way it should be fine.
  17. Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    You might have used the wrong bracket for the wrong side. When I installed mine, the that "L" should be facing the center of the car. But non the less you got it to work. It probably isnt that big of a deal.
  18. Recommendations for shops that do ceramic coating in the DMV area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia)

    Oh, I did the same thing you did. Coated my car with cquarts uk a few years ago. Its still holding up might polish it off and try adams coating next. In hindsight I wish I ppfed the whole car. At the time of buying I didn't think id keep this car this long.
  19. Tire & Wheel Recommendations

    I would say get the all season 4 or look at the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate. I would tell you to get winter tires since you are in Michigan, but if you can avoid driving on heavy snowfall the all seasons will get you through the year. Take a look at the cross climate two in the 235/50/18 size...