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  1. A word of advice

    My friend got in her car at the car wash exit. Unbeknownst to her, the attendant had unknowingly trapped the pedal under the floor mat and the engine was racing already. She could not hear it due to the noise of the car wash. She put it in drive and promptly drove it into a hillside. Luckily...
  2. Wheel math

    If I have a wheel/tire that is .47” taller, does that equate to 1/4” in wheel well/gap or does it add 1/2” ?
  3. New 2020 GT500 - No Harnesses Available - Ford Cannot Fix My Car

    Ask the dealer for the invoices. I've never left a dealership without an invoice detailing the work done, even for free warranty work. It almost sounds like they did this on purpose.
  4. Wrecked Mach-E

    Ugly wheels. RIP
  5. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    Don't know where you are and different states allow adjusters to determine ACV in different ways. They should be adding in an amount equivalent to sales tax to the total loss settlement calculation (I assume they do that in all or most states), so that could add a couple thousand to ACV figure...
  6. Do our cars come with rain sensing wipers?

    It was part of the Safe & Smart Package on my GT. I assumed the camera sees the rain on the W/S.
  7. New 2020 GT500 - No Harnesses Available - Ford Cannot Fix My Car

    Funny, when I needed a Subaru A/C compressor on a current model year car, and there were none to be had. It was early summer. I asked the Subaru customer service people, how is it that you are building new Legacies without A/C compressors. One magically appeared in a matter of days. I'm...
  8. Vent shade

    Looks like either product would tend to disappear on a black car.
  9. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    Many don't realize that insurance laws and policies are different in every state.
  10. 18 wheeler ran a stop sign. Fixable?

    Sorry. The thing about hidden damage is that it's hidden. They are going to have to pull off the bumpers and have a look. I wouldnt; be too worried about the radiator mounting panel getting pushed. That happens all the time without real frame damage. The fact that the airbags did not blow...
  11. 18 wheeler ran a stop sign. Fixable?

    Sorry to see that. Seems mostly superficial, except for that sad looking duck bill.
  12. Dealing with insurance after a wreck

    I am under the impression that FL has a strong consumer oriented State Insurance Department. Correct me if I am wrong. Might want to talk to them about the adjuster's activities re: the threat to move the car and pestering you instead of honoring your request to talk to your husband
  13. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    Thanks. Geico's quote in my suburban PA zipcode was 50% higher for a paid-up-front policy for two cars. $800 vs $1200. Granted that was without a discount for having homeowner coverage with them. I could not quote both policies without buying one first in their online process. I sincerely...
  14. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    Who is your carrier? I would be happy to get a quote. Yeah, I was off on the Premium. The presentation of premium and discounts is a little confusing, with policy discounts and separate vehicle discounts applied. The premiums were listed with a discount that had already been applied.
  15. Dealing with insurance after a wreck

    What the carrier will pay for is not up to the shop. Just call the state insurance department. They will likely tell what the insurance carrier owes .in the way of a wheel on a 17 car. If the carrier did not offer to compensate you for diminished value, ask them why not.
  16. Curt hitch won't fit '19 GT coupe with stock exhaust.

    Thanks. I have an unlimited monthly wash plan.
  17. Learning Manual in A Mustang

    just get a job as a valet. Practice while people dine. That’s how my nephew learned.