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  1. Torsen rear end and pulling into driveway

    That's normal with the Torsen rear. The other rear options don't do it to a noticeable extent.
  2. 2017 mustang gt horsepower to wheel !?!?

    Does the video tell what type of dyno machine it is? There are a lot of factors, but that is an auto with 20"s. The wheels alone are reducing the numbers. The auto may have some power loss compared to a manual as well. Most owners can get 400hp to the ground with a premium fuel tune and...
  3. Should I buy this 2017 v6 with broken fender clips?

    Bumper is a fat no at that price. Damage has been done.
  4. 15 throttle body vs 18

    Analog? It's drive by wire too. I'm sure they don't swap because the sensors attached are probably calibrated differently.
  5. Rear wheel and tire clearance

    Looks like those wheels have curb rash.
  6. Burble Tunes

  7. Oil FIlters??

    No need to check tire pressure when you have a gauge readout on the dash. :sunglasses:
  8. Oil FIlters??

    No need to prime a filter. That's what the bypass valve is for. Did some digging earlier and it seems the OEM filter valve is set at 16 PSI.
  9. Oil FIlters??

    From what I have learned, the most important part of the filter is the bypass valve. The specific pressure that it opens varies from brands and models, and Ford designed the engine to have increased oil flow at the bypass valve opening pressure. If the filter used has a different pressure that...
  10. Removing factory spoiler: can I trust local car shop?

    It isn't hard to remove. I agree with do it yourself.
  11. What should I do next?

    Lighter wheels are a good mod. That with a lighter drive shaft, and you should definitely be able to feel a difference in how responsive the car is.
  12. KAM Reset = Magic

    KAM reset is useful when you have your tune loaded and dialed in. It takes the computer a long time to relearn all the load/rpm values for fuel trim and timings. There is a benefit to doing this, but the extended learning process is sort of a con. It's not something I do unless I have a tune...
  13. Ford Performance 5.0L / 5.2L Hi-Energy Ignition Coils

    My last 1000 mile average is 20.5 MPG. I have 3.73s though. In 6th gear I'm at 1325 rpm at 45 MPH, but I'm mixed driving about 20 miles a day. I'm at speeds between 35 and 70 but never cruising for long. Traffic...
  14. What is this?

    What car is this? Oil filter placement?
  15. Ford Performance 5.0L / 5.2L Hi-Energy Ignition Coils

    Glad to hear it wasn't plugs that made the difference. Do the OEM coil covers fit after the new coil install?
  16. Ford Performance 5.0L / 5.2L Hi-Energy Ignition Coils

    Efficiency, yes. However the difference you may notice now may just be the new plugs. ? The coils should make a difference no matter how slight. It would take a bit for the KAM to adapt to the coils for the MPG to change and become stable. I'm sure in the long run it's a stable mod. I'm...
  17. Ford Performance 5.0L / 5.2L Hi-Energy Ignition Coils

    $475... I'm sure boosted would notice a difference for sure. Not sure about N/A. Please report back!