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  1. I finally received my Shelby GT350R!!!

    Same color combo as mine ........... congrats .......... ;-)
  2. Gt350R owners if you drive your car on the street, what tire setup are you running?

    I run PS4S's ......... 295 on the front and 305 on the rear ....... stock carbon fibers. These tires are amazing for the fact that they work great for me in 30 degree weather in my area. I am at 15,000 miles now and will probably get around 30,000 if I take care of them ....... ;-)
  3. Forgestars on GT350

    Yeah .......... Let's say that you just bought some new 19" 4s's and you got about 5 months on them with daily driving. Are you really going to chunk these in favor of aggressive sizing? Sorry Mr. Meraki, I do not have a money tree in my backyard. No offense, just saying.
  4. Forgestars on GT350

    That is good to know svttim ......... thanks for the info ;-)
  5. How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    Love the seats :like:....... never been a fan of alcantara.
  6. Pressure Washer Incident

    I have a small electric pressure washer that I primarily use for the car. It puts out about 1000 psi which I find great for washing. I use the green nozzle for wheels and white for washing. You can put your hand in front of the white nozzle at full trigger and it will not do any harm. Getting...
  7. Virginia Signature SV704 Rims With Offsets For GT350R - SOLD!

    Rims have been sold and a big thank you to all the inquiries. :like:
  8. 3 In The Wrapper GT350R's For Sale On Monday - No Reserve!!!

    Only 44 Kona Blue R's manufactured in 2018 ........... ;-)
  9. Virginia Signature SV704 Rims With Offsets For GT350R - SOLD!

    The offsets of 22 for the front and 56 for the rear are listed in the ad. I would check for fitment to be sure ....... never owned a GT.
  10. Virginia Signature SV704 Rims With Offsets For GT350R - SOLD!

    Just lowered the price to 1100.00 before shipping. I really need these out of my garage for the start of another project. Thanks for looking ............. Dos ;-)
  11. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I recently switched to the Z26 pads and they are great with super low dust. Should of swapped a long time ago.
  12. Virginia Signature SV704 Rims With Offsets For GT350R - SOLD!

    For sale is a set of Signature SV704 rims with offsets for a GT350R. Wheels are 19x11 offset 22 for the front and 19x11 offset 56 for the rear with face color being Brushed Triple Black Tint. Rims were purchased on Nov 29, 2019 and installed on 1/10/2020 with about 600 miles of duty. I used...
  13. AC blowing warm air

    Mine started blowing hot air on the driver's side about 4 weeks ago ........ took it in to a dealer and it was the actuator arm and connector. Totally fixable without taking off the dash ........ what a relief ;-)
  14. RSR Forged Wheels - R901s Mustang Spec

    Also wondering about 19's for my R ...........
  15. Attention GT350R Owners- Fully Forged Wheels Design Specially just for your GT350R - Motorsports LA

    I'm right there with you Trevman .......... I would like to see a flat 5 spoke as well ......... I'm sick of the intricate cleaning ............ ;-)
  16. Need 4 Speed Motorsports Still Alive ??

    I also had a not so great experience ......... bought some 6GR's for my 350 and one had a leak at the valve stem hole. The usual back and forth ensued with a video to support my claim. The best that they would do was to sell me a new wheel at a reduced cost with me returning the defective one...
  17. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    LOL ............ awesome!
  18. Gt350 all season tires

    On the carbon fiber's with the 4s tires, I run 305 in the rear and 295 up front. The 4s is more of a squarish design which make the 305 look like a 315, and the 295 look a 305. They fit and look perfect .......... ;-)
  19. All new for 2018! Ford Mustang wheels: Project 6GR 10-TEN Spoke Shelby GT350 GT350R

    I remember when the USS United States was berthed in Norfolk, VA ......... I used to see her every day when I worked on a tug in the harbor ........ great pic!
  20. Kona Blue, it seems it is a rare color.....

    I could not resist the selfless pic ............. ;-)