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  1. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    That’s fine Jake_zx2 if ya think I’m full of bs. I got nothing to gain by lying. This would be why I don’t do this stuff. I’m just answering questions. I know how to measure I know how to research my stuff. I was a maintenance CWO in the Army and ran a shop for many many years before...
  2. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    Yes the car has adjustable strut tops. The rim widths Iam positive of. I measured them myself. As far as I know and what I have spoke on the phone with Ford. HP is not available as of now.
  3. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    Here are some answers to some questions I had from some of you! The rims are 10.5 and 11 for width. The sway bar is solid not hollow according to my mechanic who put it up on the hoist. I need the cup2s and some new rims to switch back and forth. My other parts to complete handling...
  4. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    I will take some more pics in a couple days and post them.
  5. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    I’ll have to get the order date from my salesman. I need the Michelin cup 2s and second set of rims to complete the handling package separately as I intend to take the two mustangs to some road courses over this summer. Hopefully.
  6. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    I attached the vin#. As far as comparing the years on the shifting I can’t help much. I will say in sport+ mode it pulls hard and keeps pulling. I stopped at 110mph which it got to quick. I only have a 92 Gt built and that’s a totally different animal. Lastly Sun you my cousin was my...
  7. My New Mach 1 is in the garage.

    I have posted a couple replies to some stuff on the new Mach 1. I picked mine up 25 Feb. There are a lot of conflicting things on the new Mach 1. I’ll quickly state what I know. You cannot got the handling package. You cannot get the upgraded rims Ford was showing. I ordered everything I...
  8. 2021 Mach 1 wheels / specs

    I ordered the front splitter and rear wing and gurney flap at Ford when picking my car up. First PN ending in AB is gurney flap. Second ending in AA is the spoiler. I’ll post the splitter PN shortly.
  9. 2021 Mach 1 wheels / specs

    As of right now those rims are unavailable. They where up on the Ford build site when I built and purchased my 2021 Mach 1. The posted pic is on the Ford build site now, and what came on my Mach 1.
  10. 2021 Mach-1 Owners Manual Gives Specs For Tracking the Car

    I recently picked up my new 2021 Mach 1. I’d be willing to answer as many questions as I can. I can tell you that the Handling package was not available to purchase on the car. I bought every option except the top stereo option. The handling package to include front splitter and rear wing...