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  1. Knock from blower after breaking belt

    Hey there! Sorry to hear about that. I won't be much help, but I was curious about your setup. Is it just a Stage 2 with a 3.750 or 3.625 pulley on 91/ 93? Or, are you on 3.5" or less pulley and pushing some high HP #s? If it's the earlier, it seems strange that you're breaking belts. I'm...
  2. Virginia FS: Fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheels(price drop to $500)

    Good morning, I priced shipping for central Fl. If you're interested, you can have them for $675 shipped. Thanks
  3. Virginia FS: Fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheels(price drop to $500)

    These are nice wheels:like:
  4. Virginia FS: Fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheels(price drop to $500)

    Hi Everyone, Wheels are 19 x 9.5 +35 I bought these several months ago. I never got around to using them, since I rarely drive my car. They're new and the boxes were only open to inspect the wheels after receiving them. Wheels are perfect. I'm selling them for (was$600) $500 pick up/meet up...
  5. Krona Catback for 15-17 GT's

    When did you get the last one? Just curious.
  6. GT 15-17 Mid Mount Twin Turbo Kit

    I'm surprised this hasn't been bought yet. Seems like a really good deal. Good luck sir.:like:
  7. Virginia Corsa Sport Cat back exhaust 2015-17 (Price Drop)

    no, the Sport and Extremes both have double helix x-pipes. The mufflers are what the difference is between the two. Thanks
  8. Virginia Corsa Sport Cat back exhaust 2015-17 (Price Drop)

    Definately. Better sooner than later:thumbsup:
  9. Borla 60661 Resonator Questions

    Thank You for that information, that's great. I appreciate your help. Take care
  10. Borla 60661 Resonator Questions

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking about using this resonator, but I can't find any information on it, other than it's 3" in/out. Does anyone, by chance, know what the LxWxH dimensions are, and how far apart the pipes are from each other? Is this resonator a resonated H-pipe or just a resonator? I'm...
  11. Virginia Corsa Sport Cat back exhaust 2015-17 (Price Drop)

    Good morning! The MBRP sounded deep and rumbly , it sounded good, also quiet. But when I went over 4k, the tone all but disappeared (very high pitch.) I was stock then(no long tubes.) Then I had Corsa Extreme. It was nice, but was too loud for me. Like everyone else has said, no drone and...
  12. Corsa Sport 15-17 in the Classifieds

    Hi everyone! Gotta Corsa Sport Cat back exhaust with polished tips for sale in the Marketplace. Thanks
  13. Virginia Corsa Sport Cat back exhaust 2015-17 (Price Drop)

    Hi everyone. I'm selling my Corsa Sport Cat back with polished tips for $950 - now reduced to $900 local pick up(I'm in the Richmond Va area) or $1100 - now reduced to $1050 shipped. The exhaust has approximately 500 miles on it. The exhaust is like new. I'm selling because my tastes change...
  14. California wtb coyote engine

    Hope you're doing well. Here's one. You've probably already seen this, but here it is anyway.
  15. Besides Raceseng who makes great weighted shift knobs for S550’s?

    +1 on Latheweks. Perfectly made shift knobs. I've had two of his Piston shift knobs. I run the Lathewerks 2.2" knurled piston shift knob on my Barton. If you don't have a reverse lockout collar, he has knobs for non-collar shifters like MGW. Take care.
  16. 700hp possible?

    Thanks for the good info. Congrats on your setup and numbers. I've got the Whipple Stage 2 and calibration, but I've never had it on a Dyno. I just missed a Dyno day by a week:facepalm:. Take care
  17. 700hp possible?

    91 octane plus Boostane = 93 correct? If you have the Whipple tune, doesn't turning off octane adjust put you at using 93 only? Otherwise it would be adjusted between 91 to 93 with less hp. So, 643whp on 93(91+Boostane) on the Whipple calibration sounds correct. Agreed? Take care
  18. 700hp possible?

    Yeah, I think long tubes, 3.625 pulley, BAP(Lund requires it), and good 93 will put you where you want to be.
  19. 700hp possible?

    From what I've read in past posts, I'm pretty sure that the Whipple tune will put you at 650whp range. I doubt 700whp. Whipple's tune is conservative but good and safe. I could be wrong about the hp, but I'd bet on 630 to 650whp. Take care