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  1. Get a New Mach 1 With a Whipple & Keep Warranty Coverage

    I think the question is how would you get warranty work done anywhere other than the selling dealer?
  2. Get a New Mach 1 With a Whipple & Keep Warranty Coverage

    Whipple, the manufacturer, does the CARB approval not the installer. D-231-45
  3. Get a New Mach 1 With a Whipple & Keep Warranty Coverage

    I'm not an expert but to the best of my knowledge there are cast steel and forged steel crankshafts, the forged is for high performance usage, and the engine already has a forged steel crankshaft. So what is a stainless steel crankshaft?
  4. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Tracker told me May 5th arrival, car arrived at dealer April 27th, tracker is not accurate.
  5. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    N Not everyone gets an email, I never got one but have the car.
  6. Build date

    The door jam
  7. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    Just something to consider for sometime in the future when you decide to sell, prospective buyers may pass on the purchase without the decals installed.
  8. MACH 1 oil Filter?

    Bring it back and tell them to check and clean it.
  9. MACH 1 oil Filter?

    Thanks for the photo to help locate the door. Is the filter still at an almost 45 degree angle making oil changes messy?
  10. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Yes, 50 degrees may be a contributing factor.
  11. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Seems to be correct so try a better solvent
  12. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Did the pinstripes you bought specifically state it's for automotive use?
  13. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    When you buy alcohol in a bottle there are two strengths, 71 and 90. Recommend you use something other than a wipe and make sure you are using automotive pin stripe that can withstand washing a car.
  14. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Did you degrease the surface before applying the pin stripe?
  15. Mach 1 Rear-wheel lip molding part number

    Here it is
  16. MACH 1 oil Filter?

    The engine has a much larger cover under it extending to the back of the oil pan. I haven't jacked up the car but by looking underneath I did not spot the trap door, you have seen it?
  17. Small Gouge on Center Sync Panel

    I agree with the comment of just touching it up with a matching paint or marker pen.
  18. Damn Shipping Blocks!

    You need something like this and it's placed where the spare tire jack would go if you had a spare...
  19. Damn Shipping Blocks!

    If you have a Harbor Freight near you they have some excellent aluminum, low profile racing jacks that will lift the whole side of the car if you are using jacking rails.
  20. Damn Shipping Blocks!

    Wheels dont have to be removed to check, rear tires just have to be off ground so that suspension drops.