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    Here’s a couple pics with the new wheels
  2. Texas 2015-2017 Front Bumper White OEM take off at 800 miles

    I’ll take it if you decide to ship
  3. Forum promo code Steeda?

    I’m jumping in, can I get the discount code? Much appreciated!!
  4. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    Can I get a quote on a pair of 305/30/20 NT555Rii
  5. Nevada FS: OEM Belly/Oil Pan w/ Hardware

    Just a heads up but not sure this would fit on a 2019
  6. California Special Splitter Install

    Anyone in here who upgraded want to sell their stock splitter??
  7. MGW Race Spec or Barton Hybrid 3

    Champagne is to dishwater? Smh dont listen to this fool the Barton is equal to the MGW in everyway and surpasses them (in my opinon) on their flat stick variation as its better looking (again my opinion).
  8. Kansas New Toe Link Bearings with Used Knuckles and a spare Wheel Bearing - $100 shipped

    I may be losing it but I don't see a price listed?
  9. Washington WTB stock sound tube 15-17 GT

    I have one if anyone wants/needs one
  10. Michigan New Barton Hybrid 3 Shifter

    Correct this is the pull up (same as factory).
  11. Michigan New Barton Hybrid 3 Shifter

    Was going to swap to a Magnum XL but decided against it. Still have this for sale if interested.
  12. Barton Hybrid 3 Trans Mount w/Longtubes?

    Awesome thanks for confirming it is all good!
  13. Michigan Coil Covers/GT Upper and Lower Grill

    Factory black (came on the GT350) with lime green sticker inlays(needs rubber grommets $25 on ebay/amazon)...$50 + shipping Stock GT grill (upper and lower) perfect for an Ecoboost grill upgrade or to cut and install CCG mesh insert...$75 + shipping SOLD Located in southeast MI for local...
  14. Michigan New Barton Hybrid 3 Shifter

    Brand new Barton Hybrid 3 shifter. $400 + shipping Decided to go a different route, my loss is your gain. Located in Southeast MI for local pickup as well.
  15. Perfect working condition MT82 worth?

    What’s a perfect working 14k mile MT-82 worth? Debating on upgrading to a Magnum XL now vs if/when the MT-82 goes boom.
  16. Whipple plus long tubes = ?

    No worries man, and I do agree those are damn good numbers! I have the same setup as the one PB did the dyno on that made 737 rwhp (mustanglifestyle I believe) gen 2 whipple, LT's, 3.625, PB tune (coming this spring) so I'm hoping to be around that number as well. If you have the same setup...
  17. Whipple plus long tubes = ?

    Just because I'm a stickler for numbers (accountant by trade) it'd be closer to 760-770 SAE For reference