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  1. What have y'all done to your base bumpers?

    Sorry man I don’t have this bumper anymore and I didn’t cut it myself. But if you draw yourself a little template and have it cut properly, I can’t imagine it’s too difficult. I know the guy that did cut it used a template, just not sure if he drew it himself or got it from somewhere.
  2. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    There could be a lot of issues there, many not necessarily related to the turbos. Here are some issues to consider: 1. I don't think that's valve float. The torque power band is barely tapering off which is normal at higher rpm (some boost controllers can remedy this by automatically adding...
  3. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    I see 4s in your future. Was that pass with a built motor already?
  4. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    Honestly 6s really isn’t bad for a boosted car. I would say the majority of boosted mustangs live around that range.
  5. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    No the 4.6 was over 16 psi. 12 psi is only low 800s for me, and that is more likely in the high 5s area. Realistically I think it takes at least 900hp to get into the 4.x range. Keep in mind that it's a little tougher to run that in a manual than in an auto and it'lll also be harder to do that...
  6. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    I made a post in the stick shift coyote page on fb recently asking for a faster stick shift time on a stock motor. Anyone in here have some quick times? I know of one car that has gone quicker. This was done on the street. Stock Gen 2 motor.
  7. High boost Gen2 and E85

    I've been running my car at 16 psi for a while now and it's been holding up. Well over 30 hits at that setting. Realistically it can hold that as long as you are good with maintenance and don't let the car get too hot (don't do back to back to back hits). It's even seen 19-20 psi before, but...
  8. Paxton self install, how long and should I start with E85

    Just wanted to make a few suggestions (my previous setup was a Paxton 2200SL) 1. I would go ahead and start with 93 just to get the logs out of the way and to have the tune handy in case you ever need it. However, once you complete the tune, I'd pretty much switch to E85 right away. The car...
  9. on3performance low mount kit.

    My kit started out as an on3 bottom mount, but due to the poor fitment and assorted issues I had with it, I had to modify a lot of the components. Up to this point, I have only retained the original headers and intercooler. I'm also running Comp turbos due to smoking issues I was having with the...
  10. PSA: Ben Calimer of Calimer Transmissions has terrible customer service

    I also had some trans fluid leaking from my output shaft seal back when I had a stage 1. I had originally thought the burning smell was clutch but sure enough the fluid was just getting burned on the exhaust. He did ship my trans with the correct flange though so I know it wasn’t a shop error...
  11. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    So this turned out to be the issue when I pulled the mantic. It was having difficulties until one day I couldn’t engage at all and had to tow the car home. Pulled the trans and clutch to find the spring had completely come out of the hub. I never got to add the spacer to see if it would have...
  12. Need help!! Mantic clutch issue.

    This has happened to two of my TOBs now with the mantic twin and t56 mag pairing. I did a measurement the second time and it came in a little under spec at .450” of tob preload distance, whereas it should be at .500-.650” I will be pulling the trans again and adding a .100” spacer to see if...
  13. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Finally got numbers in for my custom turbo setup on a stock gen 2 motor. First pull was at 10 psi. Second at 12 psi. I was on my drag setup and we didn’t add air to the tires (they were like at 17 psi), so they were borderline squished on the dyno lol Also it was 103* outside and the dyno is...
  14. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    My kit was a pain to install and I ended up having a ton of issues (not all on3 related), but it runs super hard now. I went with Comps though since I have a bottom mount and I absolutely love them. The car makes over 800 on 12 psi with ease. I usually run it around 14 psi on the streets and it...
  15. 2018 GEN 5 Whipple 3.0 dyno results

    What's happening is the elevation in Denver is depriving the car of making a ton of boost (3.5 pulley should be around 15 psi normally), but here it only made around 10 psi. With the Dyno's correction factor coming into play, the power seems like a lot for not that much boost, but it's probably...
  16. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    No risk. It’s the same as having the lockout solenoid disconnected.
  17. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I used the eBay one and I believe so did Ruiner46 There isn’t anything you need to do electronically. Just unbolt the lockout solenoid and put this in its place. It provides plenty of resistance mechanically so you don’t accidentally go into reverse.
  18. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Came here to say all these things but you beat me to it. Even down to the shift knob not having a pattern on it lol
  19. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I ended up going with that lockout delete that someone on this thread recommended. Regret not doing it sooner.