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  1. The whipple wait

    Yikes - so 6 weeks for me then it seems. So I am right - end of June.
  2. The whipple wait

    Lol - great...I have an upgraded IC...when did you order?
  3. The whipple wait

    All good news is good news for all! That likely means I am a good 3-4 weeks out. Keep us appraised of the situation...
  4. The whipple wait

    I am guessing I will be the same...end of June.
  5. The whipple wait

    I'm guessing 3-4 weeks after you get yours lol?
  6. The whipple wait

    Communication - honest communication would be amazing. I am still excited about this purchase, weather is just starting to ramp up - so we have some time. It's just better to have a more realistic date set - even if it is longer than it actually ends up being - so you know when to look out for...
  7. The whipple wait update - and the delay continues. As I have said above - I fully understand there is a pandemic and there are far more critical things happening in this world. I and my Family have been blessed up until now. What I would want from Whipple is for them to treat us like calm...
  8. Transmission shift pressure/firmness with 750+ rwhp

    I agree - and these are very good points! My personal experience and because as I say above - I would not personally tune my own car - I have to remember that some people are actually pretty good at it. It is not something I personally do - and I just see work effort and disaster because I don't...
  9. Has anyone broke an aluminator?

    Wow! Only 17 psi? I have spoken with a few Gen V Whipple owners who have went almost 19 psi on the stock motor for multiple passes. That said - they are Gen 3 cars. Who tuned the car and how many runs was this before it blew? Thanks!
  10. Transmission shift pressure/firmness with 750+ rwhp

    My two cents; Having come from a GTR platform - DCT - with 11 plate, 22 clutches - I have gotten the understanding of how complicated these transmissions can be when it comes to tuning. Converter or not, as EngineerMike stated above - there are a ton of parameters to consider (and get right)...
  11. The whipple wait

    Having done more than a few builds - I am the same. It is and has always been a part of the game. It isn't something to get too upset about. I ordered December because I wanted to make sure I would have the time- and weather still isn't fantastic where I am anyway. There are only reasons to be...
  12. The whipple wait

    I would agree it is very likely the bigger Shops who order a ton of Whipple product would get preferred treatment. I think that is fairly normal. I think it is also about the squeaky wheel. If someone lets it go for over a month - they are going to let it go because they have so many Shops and...
  13. The whipple wait

    I guess it all depends on whether they accelerate or not. I am still waiting from December.
  14. The whipple wait

    Correct again...CPU/silicon shortage is crushing everything. Too many bit coin data miners and gamers lol...the new car market is in a bad state too - which is why used prices are so high. I see people there too - complain - "that is too much - he ain't selling that car!" - forgetting about...
  15. The whipple wait

    Yup...I am in - would take more time to get anything else anyway lol. We are living during a pandemic - the idea that they "should" do x, y, z isn't realistic. No one knew what would happen. And because we are living in a pandemic - there are far worse things afoot. I know most of the people on...
  16. The whipple wait

    What I have found - which isn't surprising - is that bigger Shops and those pushing like super intense never going to stop calling you energy (not negative or aggressive, just consistent) - tend to be getting their units. I think there was a guy on here who ordered early December that already...
  17. The whipple wait

    That is bad. I know there are a few on or slightly before Black Friday that are still waiting - but many have their orders delivered. Have you been pushing or did you let it go?
  18. The whipple wait

    You ordered November 23rd?
  19. Another Gen 5 whipple thread .

    Congrats! Subscribed for your results - I am sure you break into the 8's with your setup!