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  1. Whats your/official definition of "spirited/thrashing" driving?

    Fomoco Techs have already bashed it on the factory rollers and test track.
  2. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Yeah I'd better let them look at it. It is deeper and has more rumble crusing down low, almost like a slight exhaust manifold leak. Revving in place there r vibrations until 3,000.
  3. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Just installed the 18 manifold with lockouts. Under ~3500 car is louder and a little rougher. Wondering if a anyone else experienced the same running Lund tune.
  4. Camber Rock

    MUCH better back there! Thanks guys. @SteedaTech
  5. Camber Rock

    Looks like its the inner bushing. I will be contacting you all @SteedaTech
  6. Camber Rock

    Hello all. I am experiencing some movement in my rear wheel assys. I suspected it was the hubs but the play is only vertical which helped me find a loose jam nut on the steeda control arm adjustment for the left side. Cleared it right up and even a noose is gone away(and drives much better.) Now...
  7. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    12 bux I can mail you the custome socket(22mm for steeda shocks) with an Allen cutout. :) You may be able to get it with an offset box wrench.
  8. Florida FS: Steeda Pro Action Non-adj RR shocks

    Threads repaired. Open to offers.
  9. Steeda's S550 Billet Rear Shock Mounts Are Finally Here!

    Glad you all got rid of the threaded bushing..for future buyers..
  10. Florida Eibach 25mm and Motorsport Tech 23mm Spacer

    Sold sorrry. This may be closed.
  11. Florida SOLD FS Black "5.0" Badges with Red Dot

    It's on luc13fer now lol
  12. Florida SOLD FS Black "5.0" Badges with Red Dot

    You're up first till 6pm eastern.
  13. Florida FS: Steeda Pro Action Non-adj RR shocks

    For sale are Steeda rear shocks used approx 40k miles. No leaks. These are gen 1 shocks with M10x1mm thread. THE BAD: The threads are damaged(fixed) and the Allen key pattern on one shock is stripped. You can still meet the torque with vise grips around the shock piston without scarring the...
  14. Florida SOLD FS Black "5.0" Badges with Red Dot

    For sale are black 5.0 fender badges with the red dot. Never mounted with adhesive. 25 shipped.
  15. Steeda Fixed Valved Pro-Action Shocks & Struts (2015-2019)

    steeda fixed are actually more tamed than oem. however if you pair with sportlines, you might not like it.
  16. Florida Steeda Rear Billet Shock Mounts

    Now 80 shipped. Inserts can be purchased from Steeda at 49.99.