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  1. getting IATs down on a centri

    Is it pulling timing based on the IAT table or is it picking up knock? It should not pull that much timing unless you are seeing IATs over 150.
  2. Show me your Air to water setups

    I am thinking about upgrading my Hellion twin turbo to an air to water setup. I would love to see what you guys are running and the how you like the setup. The current A2A is fine until I try to make a full 1/4 pass on a warm day above 80 degrees.
  3. Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28 x 10.50R17 vs MT ET Street R 305/45/17

    I finally go the car to the track but I only got two passes. The tires did well and they do seem like they may be a bit harder on the driveline. On the first pass I ran them with 17PSI hot and it dead hooked. The next pass I turned the power up and bumped the pressure to 19. The car spun hard...
  4. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    I am not sure what that has to do with anything? I think we are all just trying to answer his questions. Basically there is no way those turbos are the problem if they are in good working order.
  5. Gen 2 Voodoo block for Coyote build

    I read the M142 is similar to 4032 but stronger.
  6. Gen 2 Voodoo block for Coyote build

    Have you guys noticed that all the pistons for the 3.7 bore are 2618 and there do not seem to be any 4032 pistons? I wonder why the difference. Does it have something to do with the spray bore vs sleeved engine? I am also trying to decide if the 12.3:1 pistons are overkill in boosted application
  7. Gen 2 Voodoo block for Coyote build

    What parts are needed to make the block work as a replacement in a 2015 GT with Gen2 heads? Does anyone know if the GT500 crankshaft is better? What about head gaskets? Are there any oiling mods needed similar to using Gen 2 heads on gen 1 block?
  8. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    I think the general consensus in the crowd is your Turbos are not the problem at the power level you are at. there is something else going on.
  9. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    15-16lb, pump E85 19 degrees of timing.
  10. Hellion Sleeper - BorgWarner Airwerks S200SX-E 7670

    I am running the same kit on a stock 2015 block with stock valve springs. I made 930 with no issues. I think the tires might be spinning on the Dyno. I have the precision 62/66 turbos.
  11. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    I deleted mine and have not noticed any ill effects in over a year. If it makes any difference at all it is not noticeable on a daily driver.
  12. M&H front runners

    I don't really notice much difference in handling between the M&H bias ply fronts and the MT SRs. I was just concerned with going 150+ MPH on a tire not designed for the weight.
  13. Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28 x 10.50R17 vs MT ET Street R 305/45/17

    I bought a set to try as well so we will see how they compare on a twin turbo 2015 4r200 car. The ET street works well on good tracks but I have been struggling on tracks with bad prep.
  14. M&H front runners

    You might want to look into the new ET street fronts that MT released. I had good luck with the MH bias ply tires on my car but I have seen issues with the tread separating on them because they are not designed for heavy cars.
  15. 2020 GT Supercharge or not?

    I would vote against this. Suspension is not needed on these cars and it is useless on a street tire anyway. There are much better things to spend your money on. I have been 8.9 at 154 with a 1.26 60ft on stock suspension.
  16. 2020 GT Supercharge or not?

    This is actually very true. On my car I can't even go half throttle on drag radials. Sometimes I think it was more fun on the street stock because I was not as concerned with going to jail or putting it in a ditch LOL. It also depends on where you live. I live too close to the city and it is far...
  17. 2020 GT Supercharge or not?

    If you are sure they will cover everything under warranty that will make it better. The cars can actually be very reliable with a mild supercharger setup and a good tune. If ou take it to the track or launch the car and get wheel hop bad you are more likely to break things. The auto is more...
  18. 2020 GT Supercharge or not?

    I am going to go against all the others on here and say you want to think hard about it before you do it. The supercharger will stress the rest of the parts on the car including the transmission, axles and engine. If you don't have it tuned right or get a bad tank of gas it could cost you an...
  19. Hellhorse vs Hellion vs Fathouse Fab

    If you look at the hellion kit with the filters on the tubes it positions them like half way up the block. I personally think buying a kit from a large company that has been building kits for years vs a one off shop is a no brainer. The only small time shop kit I would consider is Aldo weld.
  20. Florida DSS Half Shafts For Sale

    I will take the camber links if u still have them