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  1. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    Nope. Stock DS and axles. I was easy when launching the car though. Like 1.860ft
  2. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    OPG and CS yes. Clutch is a Mantic twin. I ran the stock clutch for a year at 709whp without any issues at all and shifted at 75-7700rpm
  3. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    I agree with engineermike. I have a Gen 3 Whipple on my car and with the oversized HE and 170 Tstat the IAT2 temps are always very very good. An Example. The other day was 70F outside and IAT2 was averaging 86 - 87. ECT was 180-182 and CHT was 190. Even with back to back pulls at 8000RPM the...
  4. D1X tuned and dynod

    I was very curious about that car as well. I'm a Gen 2 car, MT82 and around 850whp on 15psi. I haven't dynoed on the 15psi pulley but at 4000DA and 4000lbs I trapped 142. Only 15psi and 21.75* of timing. Sad to hear the car wrecked. Hope everyone was ok.
  5. Best Stick Shift Dragy Times

    I'm a 5.7 at 14 psi on my MT82 Whipple car. 4008lbs it weighs with me in it and that was in 3700DA. A 10 speed car would probably be a 5.1 - 4.9 at 14psi :frown:
  6. 1000HP s550 budget build

    It's ok I guess but then you see the Gen 3 A10 cars with my same setup running around 5.0 - 5.2 Damn auto cars..ha
  7. 1000HP s550 budget build

    My best 60-130 time was a 5.7 and car traps 142mph in the 1/4. Also where I live the DA was 36-3900. I was having shifting issues last year which I'm pretty sure was clutch related and was causing huge delay in my shifting but this year I'm hoping its all fixed so those numbers should get better.
  8. 1000HP s550 budget build

    I'm just at 900whp in my Whipple Gen 3, 17 MT82 car. So far it's been at that power level all last summer. 2 years before that I was 740whp. Car sees lots of roll races and did about 15 track passes last year at the 850-900whp level. Don't know how long it will last but so far it has zero...
  9. Made 740whp on 91 octane w/ Whipple

    I actually made 740WHP and 566TQ on my Whipple as well but that was on 94 pump gas! I would absolutely not run that car WOT with that boost and power on 91. Who tuned you?? I can't imagine Lund or PB Dyno would tune you on the edge like that. Unless they did and that dyno is just reading high.
  10. 15 Whipple oil question

    Here's my experience. Gen 3 Whipple on my 17GT. Car has been supercharger for 3 years. Only summer driven and car has 40,000 miles on it. First year I ran it at 709WHP, second summer at 740whp and this summer past up to 850ish whp on E85 and 14.8psi. Car gets driven hard, a lot. Lots and lots of...
  11. Mcleod Racing 20% off for Lethal Performance's 2nd Day of Christmas!

    Would the LPXHD maybe be going on sale?🤔
  12. Whipple Heat Exchanger vs VMP Triple Pass HE

    I have the Whipple oversized HE and it performs amazingly!!
  13. Gen 3 2.9L whipple dyno results

    I haven't had it on the dyno yet on the 3.2 pulley (14.8PSI) but the trap speed tells the story. 4008lbs with me in the car, hurt MT-82 and still trapped 141 in 3800DA. If the transmission could shift properly I'd probably be seeing 143-144MPH which puts me around 850-880ish whp. If he is at...
  14. Which supercharger would require more gas and kill mileage?

    I usually average 26 - 27mpg in my 2.9 Whipple on the highway. Around town you can easily drive the car without getting into boost if you want.
  15. 2017 GT roush cat back fitment

    I highly suspect that the mechanic is messing something up. It's the easiest system to install. Don't let him do anything else and definitely go there tomorrow.
  16. 2017 GT roush cat back fitment

    You have to send pictures because I highly doubt they keep sending you the wrong size x-pipe. It only comes in one size as far as I've always known. Mine was 2.5" as well but would have to measure the length.
  17. Gen 3 2.9L whipple dyno results

    🤦‍♂️ My bad, I totally overlooked that. Yeah 800 at 6100 is solid. I rev mine to 8000. You would be right up there for sure👍